The Digital Mom Handbook is OUT!

Well, it’s been a journey… a long one and today’s finally the DAY!

The Digital Mom Handbook is out today!

I was just saying to my husband today… this book was conceived in October of 2009… a LONG time ago… it’s crazy to see it actually here and ready to be bought.

Mothers have been looking for the middle ground for more than half a century. Staying at home and raising the kids full-time isn’t it. Working full-time and rushing home to tuck the kids in at 7 p.m. sharp ain’t it either. Even part-time work outside the house can be a scramble for most women, as they try to “have it all” between 9 am and 5 pm. To work or not to work? That seems to be the bottom-line question for most women today.

But, we believe that equation is changing. In fact, we’re living proof of that change. We’re telling you all this not because we enjoy tooting our own horns, but because writing it down makes it real for us. And we honestly believe that other moms can do the same.

I hope you all enjoy it!

About Audrey

Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 7.26.11

    Congratulations! That is an awesome accomplishment!! I look forward to reading this.

  2. 7.26.11

    Congratulations! That is an awesome accomplishment!! I look forward to reading this. (Sorry this is posting twice. I didn’t fill in my website right the last time. Not that it really matters, I just felt like an idiot).

  3. 7.26.11
    Nancy said:

    I am so excited and happy for you. I’m also excited and happy that I got an email from Amazon saying that my copy is in the mail. It should get here just in time to take with on vacation and read lounging by the lake.

  4. 7.26.11

    Yeah! We downloaded it to Kindle and reviewed it. So happy and excited. It’s go LOTS of great info in it 😉

  5. 7.27.11
    Stephanie said:

    Congrats, Audrey. So happy for you. I look forward to reading the Kindle version of your book soon.

  6. 7.28.11

    Congratulations…..great accomplishment. I wish you much success.

  7. 7.29.11
    brooklyn said:

    Hello Audrey,

    I’ve been a lurker for a couple years now. We lived in Europe for the past couple years (we are originally from California), and just got relocated back to California for my husbands work. While in Europe, I had my second child. With two kids, staying at home, and feeling like such a fish out of water (language, fashion, etc…), I would look to your blog and vlogs everyday. With just having a new baby, I of course wanted to feel pretty again, and for some reason forgot my fashion sense. I was always the one who was dressed in all the latest trends…but I got lost somewhere. Your blogs and vlogs brought me back to life! They also made me feel less homesick. I never officially Thank’d You…but, “Thank You”!. I recently purchased your book, and it already came in the mail a couple days ago. I am fully inspired by your story and I feel like, “Hey, Why can’t I do something like this”? Or at least give it a good solid try, right? Your book has a ton of great information that I never even realized about this “business”. I am halfway through, and can’t wait to read the rest. Good luck on all your future endeavors, and Thanks so much again!


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