26.2 to C25K update

Well, we’re definitely off the Couch.

Barry and I headed out just before the rains really came on Saturday…

We got plenty wet, but it was quite fun anyway.

Barry hasn’t missed one training day of our C25K and he’s feeling physically and mentally strong on his journey to his first 5K in October.

I have a little trick for myself to keep me motivated… wearing my 26.2 Bondiband headbands!  They were gifts from my daughter Jane after my 26.2 and I cherish them.  I honestly can’t wait to earn a C25K headband!

My Bondiband gift from Jane

(I missed this past Monday, but I do have a kind of good excuse… cleaning up from Tropical Storm Irene with my restored power.  I probably exercised the equivalent of a 5K.)

This morning, it was so gloriously cool and sunny…

… I felt like I could run forever.

Well, at least a Halloween 5K at the end of October dressed as a… don’t tell... genie!

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