5 Reasons He Won’t Wear Sneakers to School

My son William loves to run and race. Honestly, it’s all he wants to do with his friends. But he can’t stand wearing sneakers! He actually wanted to race last weekend in his Crocs at a local Kid Race he was doing. I made him wear sneakers.

Finally today… as we were leaving for school, and for the 100th time he wouldn’t wear his white sneakers, he said to me, “Do you want to know why I won’t wear them?”

Disclosure: These aren't them, but look similar.

Yes. Amuse me.

These were William’s 5 Reasons. Oh, yes… he had 5 of them.

1) They’re just plain white. (Apparently it’s not cool to have just white sneakers, they have to have lightening bolts, super heroes or something on them.)

2) The ties keep coming undone. (I absolutely should have gone with Velcro).

3) They make too much noise when he runs (I don’t understand this one, but I’ll go with it.)

4) They’re not fast enough sneakers.

and… (my favorite)

5) They look too much like yours mom, and (I quote) “don’t get upset by that, OK, mom??

Point taken.

And new shoes on the way.

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  1. 9.20.11

    You should sharpie them!!! Here’s a great example of what can be done: http://pinterest.com/pin/212804868/

  2. 9.20.11

    You should sharpie them!!!

  3. 9.21.11
    admin said:

    Love this idea! xo

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