OK. Who are “THEY” anyway?

“THEY” are scientists, physicians, researchers, therapists and a whole slew of people just like me who know for a fact that exercise increases energy and energy begets energy.

I’ve seen this what-appears-to-be-a-miracle phenomenon inside these boomer bones of mine… and now I’m seeing it in another boomer, my husband Barry.

(Should I call him Boomer Barry?!  Aw, what the heck.)

I began a C25K program 4 weeks ago… getting back into the swing of running and exercise after having taken too much time off after running my first marathon in May.

Boomer Barry has never run, nor has he ever trained to run.  He didn’t even know if he was, in the words of The Boss, born to run.  But he heads into just about everything he does head first, so I was very surprised that he agreed to take on the very sensible C25K program with me.

The first day was… ahem, torture for both of us.  But when I was finished with that first day of training, I also felt like a new woman.  Renewed.  Inspired.  Accomplished.

Moving our bodies will do that to us.  “THEY” say so.

Boomer Barry and I checked off each day.  Then a week.  Then 2 weeks.

We’ve had to amend our C25K training for a commitment here and there, but we’ve never missed the required amount of training days.  We’ve been out at just about every time of day… early morning, afternoon and early evening… again, to accommodate commitments with work and family, including the activities of 9 grandchildren!

We did make a change in where we run because we live on and near lots of big hills… for Boomer Barry, those big hills are for another day of conquering.

Instead, we’ve been driving the 5-minute or so ride to our lovely nearby state park.  It has lots of flat roads and measured miles and other people out running, riding bikes, walking dogs, playing football, soccer, volleyball, bocce ball, and enjoying picnics and family activities.

I think this is what I’m enjoying so much about running again.  Training with Boomer Barry. Having a plan.  And feeling part of a lovely setting…

Seeing Boomer Barry go from mostly walking to quite a bit of running…

Even on very rainy days.

But I think last night was when we exactly understood about “THEM” and what “THEY” say… but I must back up a few hours.

Jane and I had been invited to the Vivienne Tam LI-NING / Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman Yee Fashion Yoga Presentation at Lincoln Center. So very early yesterday morning, I drove Jane and me to New York City.  It was a beautiful presentation… a remarkable mixture of color and calm.

Jane, Colleen Saidman Yee, Rodney Yee, me!

Talk about an OM experience…

Jane and I then ate a late lunch in NYC and drove back to Rhode Island… me driving.

Ordinarily, that drive and that day would have wiped me out.  But ya know what?  I couldn’t wait to begin Week 4 of our C25K program.

Boomer Barry felt the same way.

So off we headed to the park, just as the glorious blaze of orange late-summer sun was beginning its descent.  I stopped to snap a photograph before we began our training…

I had so much energy that I ran the entire 2.5 miles or so, circling around to meet up with Boomer Barry as he followed the plan.

I even thought about my energy level as I was running… you know, about what “THEY” say…

Increased exercise = more oxygen, improved metabolism, more strength, more blood moving to the head, heart and brain and better sleep to do it all again.

And you wanna know something? 

THEY are right.

I watched Boomer Barry hit his stride last evening at the beginning of Week 4.  I thought to myself, when’s the last time Barry headed outside at dusk to exercise?

Energy begets Energy.

See for yourself…

Sprinting to the finish!

Yes, THEY are right. 

So all you boomers and anyone else out there who has a naysayer in your circle of people or in your own head… grab a plan and GO.

The ENERGY is there.  Waiting.  Waiting to be released and multiplied












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  1. 9.14.11
    Barry said:

    Is that blurred photo because of the speed that I’m running at or because you were running when you were taking the photo? You don’t have to answer that, I’m going with my speed!

  2. 9.15.11
    Nancy said:

    I just started week 4 yesterday. It is finally starting to get a little easier. Have you guys signed up for the Sisterhood 5k yet? Only one week left to sign up.

  3. 9.15.11
    lissa said:

    I’m so proud of you AND Boomer Barry!

  4. 9.18.11

    GREAT REVIEW! I agree with pretty much all you said in your article, especially at the beggining of your article. Thank you, this info is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your blog:) Isabella S.

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