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I’ve been at StyleWeek Providence all week checking out and reporting on all the fabulous trends and styles and fashions.  I have been having an incredible, incredible time!  Each night I have been dazzled and just blown away by the creativity, the talent and the inspiration… fabulousity at its finest!

But there’s also been some fabulousity off the runway, too.  Starting Wednesday night, StyleWeek Providence has been having an Accessory Showcase with some uber-talented accessory designers!  I have been like a bee to honey since Wednesday night checking out all the tables and items… and looking for some hip and funky earrings.  Usually I’m all about the necklaces and bracelets, but since getting my ears pierced this past November, I haven’t really gone over the top with earrings.  I’ve played it safe over and over and over again.

Well, enough’s enough.  I want style and chicness and hipness with some earrings!

And I found it!

Say hello to LuniacStyle… !

Designer Jacklyn Murphy is rocking it out big time and I am one of her newly obsessed customers.  I loved reading this about her… My jewelry is inspired by the colorful world we live in, fashionistas, hip hop music, my ever changing moods, and above everything else…. love.  All of my jewelry is hand made, 100% one of a kind, and fabulous. And this is why I fell in love with her jewelry, you’re seeing and feeling energy and life and passion in her designs!

Here’s what I picked up at her table… some feathers and some beads!

I was just mesmerized by the colors and the “cool” factor of these pieces, so different from anything I own.  I’m a huge lover of mixing patterns and colors, so I popped on the feathers with my black/white outfit the other night after buying them…

With Rosanna Sinel... founder of StyleWeek Providence!

And even on a Friday morning with a white fleece and ponytail… I still felt like rocking them out!

You have to check out Jaclyn’s other stuff… check out her blog to find out what she’s got, contact her and how you can get it!

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  1. 9.2.11
    Jaclyn said:

    I’m so honored… (and literally crying) reading this post! It’s so amazing to be recognized for hard work, and dreams coming to life. Thank you for rocking it out in LuniacStyle. If it’s possible, you look even more fabulous wearing my jewels! Thank you for your compliments and well wishes!!!
    ps- anyone can see more Luniac at http://www.luniacstyle.com

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