5 Reasons You Need to Buy Red Jeans this Fall

5 Reasons You Need to Buy Red Jeans this Fall

Can you believe RED Jeans are in this Fall?

I haven’t owned a pair of red jeans since 6th grade! Well… they’re back and with a fashionable bright red punch this season.

Now, I’m going to be honest here… I wasn’t a fan when I first heard they were “back in.” I kind of scoffed at them, like I did to them camo jean… but the more I saw them, the more they really began to “grow” on me.

And that being said, I’ve been asked by many of you to share some easy, doable and practical trends that a mom could pull off for the Fall/Winter… these are my favorite kinds of postings because (as a mom), I get the easy-trend factor and the necessity of it. So… I thought this was the PERFECT time to share my RED jeans…

So… for any RED jean naysayers out there, I wanted to share with you 5 Reasons Why you Need to Try Red Jeans this Fall:

1. RED is iconic for being a Holiday color and works perfectly into this time of year.

2. RED is a bright and bold color to mix it up with… you get more attention when you’re wearing RED!

3. RED jeans go fabulous with black tops and black shoes… so you’ll have another go-to, easy clothing option in the morning.

4. RED jeans are extremely trendy right now, and it’s an easy trend to pull off without feeling you’re trying too hard.

5. RED jeans are available in bootcut, skinny, high-waist… so once you find the cut and style that works for your body type, you’re good to go! Not to mention… RED jeans works on any body shape and/or size. Believe it or not, RED is a very forgiving and slimming color!

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  1. 10.31.11
    Sara said:

    Do you have any suggestions of brands and fits for red jeans?

  2. 10.31.11
    Amanda said:

    Yes! I had a pair of red capris in high school that I loved!!! This is totally trend i’ll rock.

    I’d love some suggestions on where to find them too I haven’t seen any on the rack yet, and I’ve never sewn pants for myself, though this might be the time.

  3. 11.1.11

    Suggestions for where to buy and what price points are available? I am 6 feet, about 185 pounds, “athletic” build if that helps recommend a store.

    Thanks! Love your posts, they are helping to keep my sister from turning me into What Not to Wear.

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