Holiday Beauty Looks from Kohl’s

Holiday Beauty Looks from Kohl’s Department Stores

It’s HOLIDAY time!

It is (hands down) my favorite time of year!

I already have 3 holiday parties on my calendar, which is so exciting to me.  I always have a blast getting my outfits ready for holiday parties… I usually tend to go for 3 types of dressy attire – little black dress, little red dress and something with sequin! 🙂 Oh, yes – I love to have an excuse to dress up and the holidays are the perfect reason to do this!

When it comes time to getting my beauty routine down for my holiday looks, I LOVE to amp it up!

I love to go bold.

I love that I can head to Kohl’s Department Stores to get some FABULOUS beauty products to get myself ready and dazzled for the holiday parties! Kohl’s now carries great National beauty brands that women know and love and it’s truly a one-stop-shop. This makes it VERY easy for busy moms (like me) to get myself ready for holiday parties on the beauty side of things. Kohl’s Beauty Department has been updated in select stores and has even been revamped to make shopping an easier experience. I love that they even have Beauty Advisors on-hand in the updated stores. They really are so helpful and make your shopping trip that much quicker and easier when it comes to finding beauty products for yourself. I also love that they give recommendations and allow you the time to try different looks and products out!

So how did I go BOLD for the holidays with my beauty looks?

I stick to 3 different beauty statements and then work from there when it comes to my looks:
1.        Charcoal Smokey Eye
2.        Red Lipstick
3.        Glitter Eyes

What I love about these 3 beauty looks is that can easily work with a little black dress, a little red dress and sequins.

Here are my 3 Holiday Looks:

1) Charcoal Smokey Eye – I love this look for an ultra-dressy holiday party.  I love being able to create a very dark smokey eye and have some fun with it! I always tend to use charcoals, blacks and grays when I’m creating a nighttime smokey eye. It’s a fun look to create and it’s one that is very bold for your eyes. If you’re wearing a very simple dress, it’s fun to amp up your eyes as an additional “accessory!”
I always start with my eyes…

And then create my full face, I love to wear a shiny gloss with a smokey eye because I feel the attention stays on my eyes…

Products used from Kohl’s:
1) Smokey Eye – CARGO Vintage Escape Eyeshadow Palette – I mixed Chestnut and Black Crow
2) Mascara – FLIRT! FAR OUT™ Lengthening Mascara
3) Bronzer – American Beauty Perfect Mineral™ Powder Makeup – Medium
4) Lipgloss – FLIRT! Big Flirt™ Lipgloss – Big Blush
5) Foundation – American Beauty Perfectly Even™ Natural Finish Foundation – Medium Cool

2) Glitter Eyes – OK, the holiday time is about sparkle and glitz and glam, too! I love to be able to have a holiday look that I could wear to a day or night party. I love creating a glitter eye because it’s easy to do and so much fun to play with for the holiday. It’s bold, but it’s also really pretty and delicate, too. I love to go for more golden tones, too!
Again, I always start with my eyes…

And when I’m creating a glittery look for my eyes, I always keep my makeup in bronzing tones… I use a ton of bronzer and nude lip pencil and lipstick, too. I feel like it makes my whole face pull together to create a great holiday look. I would easily wear with this my sequin blazer or dress. The shimmer and sparkle works beautifully with this makeup look.

Products used from Kohl’s:
1) CARGO The Big Bronzer
2) American Beauty Perfect Mineral™ Powder Makeup – Light Medium Cool
3) Foundation – American Beauty Perfectly Even™ Natural Finish Foundation – Medium Cool
4) LORAC Rockin’ Red Hot Eyeshadow & Lip Gloss 2-Palette Gift Set – I mixed about 6 different shades from the palette for my eyes – the golds and the tans to create the perfect color that I wanted.
5) ELLE Cosmetics Lipcolor – Nude

3) Red Lipstick – This is by FAR my favorite look for a holiday party or gathering. It’s so festive. It’s so bold. It’s so HOLIDAY! I feel like the only time I can get away with wearing red lipstick is during the holidays, so I definitely advantage of the opportunity. Every woman can pull off red lipstick, you just need to be ready to do it! What I did was create a subtle smokey eye and then used a mix of bronzer/blush to tone down my cheeks to my LIPS could be the center of attention.
Here are my RED RED LIPS!

And then my whole face… this is a perfect look for a little black dress, a little red dress or my fave sequins!

Products used from Kohl’s:
1) Foundation – American Beauty Perfectly Even™ Natural Finish Foundation – Medium Cool
2) Lips – FLIRT! CHICKSTICK™ Smooth & Shiny Lipcolor in RED
3) Eyes – CARGO Vintage Escape Eyeshadow Palette – I mixed Twigs and Black Crow (used VERY lightly only brush!)
4) Bronzer/Blush – LORAC Blush & Bronzer Duo
5) Mascara – ELLE Cosmetics The Lash Look Sultry Mascara – Black

I’m OBSESSED with these looks!

I love them all!!!!

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