International Delight Iced Coffee Coming Soon!

I’m an iced coffee girl in the summer. It’s all I drink. There’s something so soothing and delicious about enjoying a cold cup of coffee to me, especially in warmer temps. But the funny thing is, since becoming a “swim team mom” this past September and being on a hot and humid pool deck for hours (and hours) at a time 3 nights a week and on the weekends, I’ve (for the first time ever) become an iced coffee drinker in the winter. Only problem is… I’ve never actually been able to “perfect” the perfect iced coffee at home. For some reason, my iced coffee just doesn’t taste right when I pour hot black coffee over ice… it’s just way too weak for me.

Which makes me super excited to hear that International Delights Iced Drink is almost here!

That’s right… I’ll be able to “make” a perfect iced coffee at home, with no effort at all — thanks to International Delights! Forget waiting in line at my favorite coffee shop! International Delight’s is introducing the first ready-to-drink, multi-serve iced coffee drink. Very cool (no pun intended!).

On Monday, I’ll be hosting an event in NYC with Nicole Feliciano of MomTrends where our guests will be able to indulge in an exclusive tasting of the new International Delights Iced Coffee that will officially launch this January.

What I love is that there has never been an easier and more convenient way to enjoy coffeehouse-quality iced coffee at home. They’ve completely made it as easy as can be. You just pour over ice and enjoy a cold, refreshing coffeehouse-quality iced coffee… which I’ll be bringing with me on the pool deck! International Delight Iced Coffee Drink is made with 100% premium Arabica coffee and is available in three authentic coffeehouse flavors, including Vanilla, Mocha and Original. I’ll be sporting the Original flavor, whereas (I know) my husband will be all about the Vanilla!

Make sure you check them out!

And if you’re going to be attending our event on Monday, get ready to enjoy some deliciousness!

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  1. 12.12.11
    Karen said:

    OMG I will SO be scouring our stores for this! Genius

    I use the Iced Coffee Blend from Starbucks (they only carry it in the summer) and it’s specially blended for iced coffee and mine turns out great. I drink iced coffee all year round so I stock up and fill my freezer with it to last me a year.

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