Must-Have for the Holidays: Wii

If you don’t have one yet, now’s the time to pick up a Wii.  We’ve had ours for about three years, the kids play it almost every day.  We’ve picked up tons of games and accessories along the way, and it’s provided countless hours of family fun and sibling rivalry.  When we bought it, we had to wait in line for an hour every morning for a week or two, waiting for Best Buy to open and hoping they had one.

About a month ago, a package came from Nintendo.  It was a Mario Kart Bundle and right in time for Alexander’s birthday.  We weren’t sure how he’d receive it because we had one in the basement already.  HE LOVED IT!  They ALL loved it!  We hadn’t played Mario Kart in a little while, we had already unlocked most of the locked characters and only had a few left, but when we set up the new console it was like we were starting all over again.

If you haven’t played Mario Kart, it’s pretty fun!  You pick from a couple dozen Mario Brothers Characters and select a custom Kart and race all over Mario World against up to four human players.  You can pick up special perks along the way like banana peels that spin opponents, turtle shells you fire and speed boosts to name a few.  Really, really fun!

Anyhow, the Wii Mario Kart Bundle and the New Wii Super Mario Brothers Bundle are retailing for around $150 right now.  I think ours was $250.  Seriously, it’s a great deal for $150 and if you’re looking to push Christmas over the top without spending a whole lot, a Wii is a great way to do it.

Loving it!!

My little Mario and Luigi…

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