10 Reasons Why I Needed this Miami Trip with P&G

The last 2 days in Miami have been heaven.  P&G invited me and 4 other bloggers (Vera Sweeney, Danielle Smith, Colleen Padilla and Ashley Nuzzo) to Miami to attend their “P&G Have you tried it yet?” Event.  It was an amazing and fun event (blog to come soon!) that allowed us to interact and experience 18 P&G products throughout the evening.  But the setting of the event?  Miami, FL… perfection.

I called my husband last night and was like, “Oh, honey… I so needed this sun!”  And then I proceeded to tell him all the other reasons why I loved this trip (God bless him that he stayed on the phone listening to me all the way in cold Rhode Island!), so I thought I’d share…

1. The weather has been 80 degrees the whole time. It’s been 40 in Rhode Island.

2. There was Internet access by the hotel pool. Um… hello, perfect for bloggers! 🙂

3. Swimming outside under the sun. I’m telling you, there’s nothing like it. So much better than chilly, cold, indoor pools!

4. Palm Trees. Plain and simple. I don’t know what it is about them, but I love a good palm tree.

5. I’m here for work. I love my job more than anything, to be here for work… best perk ever!

6. Hanging with the girls! I’m telling you… it’s always a pleasure to hang out with my friends. We laughed and shared work advice and just had a blast together!

7. Wearing a tank top on January. There’s just something that I desperately love about that… !

8. Conference call and emails by the beach. It was almost a pinch me moment… I took 2 conference calls and responded to all my emails on the beach.

9. Spending the evening at P&G’s Have you tried it yet? Event and having a blast… makeovers, demos, experiences, meeting new people and chatting with members of the P&G team. LOVED it!

10. RELAXATION. Even thought I was here for work, it was the most relaxing business trip in the world! There’s just something about Miami and the gorgeousness of it all… I’ll be back! 🙂

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