Daily Wear: Baby Shower Sunday

Today I attended my girlfriend Leah’s baby shower. Leah and I have been friends for a very long, long time. I’m talking, we went to kindergarten together long time. So I was very excited to head to her shower and pamper her and celebrate her for the day!

It’s a COLD Sunday here in Rhode Island today. The wind is blowing and the chill factor is through the roof! I wanted to dress up for the shower, but I also knew that I needed to dress weather appropriate. What should one wear to a Sunday Baby Shower in cold, cold, cold weather?

I opted for all black because I knew I was still feeling sick and just didn’t feel like wearing bright, bold colors… so I went for the monochromatic look because I knew it would be easy to put other.

Mini Black Dress from H&M
Black Tights from H&M
Black Heels from Nine West

I felt comfortable, very appropriate and chic all at the same time. Those tights were as thick as pants, so they were totally-toasty!

The funny thing is… I ended up wearing the SAME outfit as my friend Leah! 🙂

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  1. 1.15.12

    Suuuuuch a cute retro-inspired mini dress. Love so much!!

  2. 1.16.12
    Jess Greco said:

    Audrey, I have that H&M dress too! I love it and have worn it to a few different occasions- a birthday party, out in Las Vegas, and the DeVries holiday party. You rock it! Fabulous.

  3. 1.16.12
    admin said:

    Jess, I’m not even kidding – I think I’ve worn it about 20 times! And it was so cheap, too! I bet YOU rock it!! xoxo

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