Mom Style: What to wear in NYC (that you can fit into a little tote)

Mom Style: What to wear in NYC (that you can fit into a little tote)

OK… OK… I’m usually that one who heads to the airport with 3 fully-packed bags for a one-night business trip because I just don’t know what it is that I’ll feel like wearing a day in advance. I’ll admit it, that’s totally me. My husband thinks it’s the funniest thing when we’re heading to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving and/or Easter and I pack as if I’m going away on a world tour for a month. I’ve always been like this, I like (OK, freaking LOVE) options.

Well, sometimes I just don’t have room for the options. I’m in NYC today, I took the train in yesterday afternoon, and I have had back-to-back meetings for 2 days straight. Point blank – I literally cannot be walking around NYC with a suitcase or with a heavy bag, I just can’t. And so, well… options, yeah, they’re out the window.

So my mission – what to wear in NYC for 2 days that’s super-duper easy to pack and to wear.

It’s all about the monochromatic, moms!

I went right into my closet and grabbed all my navy blue (because with this weather, I wanted something different than my usual all-black in the City). I grabbed my fave navy blue silk top, my fave navy cords and I was done. To amp the outfit up a notch, I grabbed some of my fave jewelry in all gold tones and I was done.

Easy and you’re done in a snap!

When in doubt, go with one color.

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  1. 3.9.12

    Love navy and gold, and this fab outfit! I always think what’s going to be the best pieces for fashion and function in the city–I tend to walk more than Subway or cab when I can (or when I can’t get a cab to stop)so great footwear it key!

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