Don’t climb that Apple Tree with anyone else but me!

Like it was when I was a kid…

Our new back yard has fruit trees!

Not huge ones.  Not tiny ones.

But just-the-right-size ones for grandkids to scramble up safely.  Sit on branches.  Balance perfectly.  Feel the sun.  Feel the shade.  Think in.

To smile in…

Benjamin enjoying the day... and one of the fruit trees!

I love our new back yard… and I’m beyond elated that our grandkids get to experience this 1950’s-style life with Grandpa and me!

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  1. 5.30.12
    Rhonda said:

    Don’t you love that you don’t have to put a swingset or monkey bars on your property when you have Nature’s Best right there? I am loving seeing all the special attractions your beautiful property has.

  2. 5.30.12
    admin said:

    Thanks, Rhonda! xo!

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