9 Days and Counting: Jane & Brian’s Wedding

Wedding Countdown:  9 Days ’til Jane & Brian’s Wedding..

Brian set sail with Jane on his small boat, on their first date, from this Independence Park Dock in Bristol, RI on September 1, 2009…

Independence Park Dock, Bristol, RI

And as Life and Love would have it, Brian & Jane will set sail from this very dock, on their Wedding Day, across Bristol Harbor to their wedding reception at Bristol Yacht Club… where they will be step from the boat here and be greeted by their families and guests as husband and wife, Brian & Jane Govednik

Bristol Yacht Club Dock

Three years brings lots of changes.

But if Love is the goal on which to set sails… well, Love’s winds prevailed.

I’ll leave the rest of my thoughts to Shakespeare and quote this:  Now sits the wind fair, and we will aboard.

Yes, indeed.

Janie & Brian will aboard, in 9 Days!





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