Brazilets: Wear your Wishes!

Wear your WISHES mamas with Brazilets!!

On May 17th, I went to Macy’s for the launch of their Brasil Collection. It was a very cool event! They had dancers and refreshments and music and a fashion show that showcased all of the Brasil fashions. I just had a blast!

One of the girl’s from Macy’s walked around handing out something called a Brasilet. I was immediately intrigued! She explained that…

Brasilets are a 200-year old Brazilian traditions of good fortune ,for you and the planet. Wrap it around your wrist, make three knots and three wishes. When it falls off, it’s believed your wishes will come true.

So… along with my mom and my Henry, my knots were made and my three wishes made!

I have been wearing it for the last 8 weeks and my Brasilet is still on and still tight as can be!


I additionally loved that with the sale of each of these Brasilets, proceeds go to preserving the rainforest!

These are a fun way to celebrate fashion!!

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  1. 7.12.12
    Amy Miller said:

    I really enjoy reading your blog, so glad I happen to come across it. You’re a great inspiration.

  2. 7.12.12

    Ok – so amazing – I STILL have mine on from December 2009. I featured them on my site and my whole family made wishes and put them on…. Mine is going on 3 years now – never come off 🙂

  3. 7.12.12
    admin said:

    Dan… I LOVE it!!!!! I had know idea!!!!

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