My Mother-of-the-Bride dress: Ann Taylor Bridal

The perfect Mother-of-the-Bride dress from Ann Taylor Bridal…

I have a zillion happy thoughts of Jane & Brian’s beautiful Wedding Weekend floating around in my head; so many, that I almost don’t know where to begin telling it.

So I’ve decided to begin at the beginning of the Wedding Adventure with the one… well, maybe two, *questions that I was asked as Mother-of-the-Bride right up to July 14th, 2012, the very day of Jane & Brian’s Wedding:

1.  Do you have your dress?
2. What color is it?

I was very fortunate to be dressed by Ann Taylor Bridal, where I found the perfect dress in the perfect color several months before the wedding.

I knew Jane & Brian’s wedding was going to be in the middle of July, in Rhode Island, where July is notoriously hot and humid.  I knew the wedding ceremony was going to take place in a lovely little church, but a church with no air-conditioning.  I knew the wedding reception was a harbor-front venue, where the back deck faces the blues of both water and sky. I knew I have 9 grandchildren who would be attending the wedding and I would be dancing with them! I knew I’d be helping my 87-year old Mom every inch of the day… our blessing to have her at my daughter’s wedding.  I knew Jane & Brian’s wedding colors were yellow and dark gray, and I wanted to blend in perfectly.

I knew I wanted a Mother-of-the-Bride dress that would be beautifully stylish, comfortable and just the right hue, and this is the first peek at my perfect Mother-of-the-Bride dress…

My son Keith escorting me down the aisle

And the rest of the day, in my Ann Taylor Bridal Mother-of-the-Bride dress, was just as I had dreamed.  Perfect!


My 2 junior bridesmaids granddaughters, Taylor & Maddie, and me


Me and my beautiful daughters - Bride Jane and Matron-of-Honor Audrey


Me, my Mom, Jane & Audrey


Me, my husband Barry and all 9 grandkids!


Perfect dress, just making sure my heels aren't stuck in the deck!


Ready for our proud moment... introduced as Father and Mother-of-the-Bride!

As Mother-of-the-Bride, of course we want our daughter’s Wedding Day to be just as she imagined, down to the last detail.

And if those *two little questions about our Mother-of-the-Bride dress can be answered just as we imagined… well, that makes for a perfect day, too.

Thank you, Ann Taylor Bridal, for helping me select and provide the most perfect dress for my daughter Jane’s wedding… beautifully stylish, comfortable and just the right hue.

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  1. 7.18.12
    Dawn said:

    You looked absolutely AMAZING in your perfect MOTHER OF THE BRIDE dress, Sharon! Jimmy kept getting lost of the fact that you’re their MOTHER, not their SISTER! 🙂

  2. 7.18.12
    admin said:

    Awww, Dawnie… it was the dress!!

  3. 7.18.12
    Becky D. said:

    it was a glorious day and you radiated such happiness and looked good doing it! <3

  4. 7.19.12

    The photos are BEAUTIFUL! I’m just back from Wyoming and dying to catch up on all the McClelland/Couto wedding news and photos. So happy the weather was gorgeous for you all. xoxo

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