Pepsi NEXT Cherry Vanilla and Pepsi NEXT Paradise Mango…

Last Wednesday I was in NYC all day at a photo shoot.

I left at 5AM.

Caught the train at 5:48AM to NYC.

Arrived at 8:45AM.

Spent the day running around and working.

Caught the 3PM train home.

Arrived home at 6:03PM.

And finally walked through my door at 6:45PM.

As soon as I walked in I saw a very cool looking package on our dining room table from Pepsi NEXT…
that my husband had filled with (yes) seed packages…

… I said to him, “Pepsi NEXT sent us seeds?”

Matt laughed and said, “Oh… no. They sent us some new flavors! Cherry Vanilla and Paradise Mango. They were AMAZING!”

WHAT!!??? LOL… !!

There’s something you need to know about the McClellands, we love a good Pepsi! Not to mention, we love a good flavored soda. I’ve been in LOVE with Pepsi NEXT because you’re getting the real cola taste with 60% LESS sugar than regular Pepsi-Cola. It’s such a great treat to relax with and I love it, as well as my Matthew (as you can see!).

The fruit flavors (according to Matt) were refreshing and through-the-roof!

These summer crushes are awesome… and so meant to be relaxed with!

What would you rather have a summer fling with? Cherry Vanilla? Paradise Mango or Pepsi NEXT?

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  1. 7.20.12
    Renee said:

    Definitely Cherry/Vanilla. We used to have a historic “drive-in” restaurant here in PA…you know the one…the girls walked out to your car, took your order, put the tray on your window?

    My little brother and I always asked for cherry/vanilla syrup. I’m excited to try this!!

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