What the dog is thinking…

How to know what a dog is thinking…

I love dogs.  I always have.  I grew up with a “brother” dog, Chippy, who my family rescued when I was just 9 years old and loved ’til I was all grown-up and married.  Barry and I rescued two “brother” dogs for our family whom our kids named Cracker and Carmel.  We would love our “son” dogs, Cracker and Carmel, for 13 and 14 years respectively.

With loving dogs, comes the understanding of their voices, their moods, their joys… and their feelings of utter betrayal, like when you are leaving the house without them.

Now we have “granddogs”… and, of course, granddogs are treated with the same never, ever want to disappoint them feelings as with grandchildren.

But sometimes, sometimes,  you’ve just gotta do something in that utter betrayal category.

Like yesterday.

I’m training for the Marine Corps Marathon with Runner’s World Challenge, and yesterday was a running day.  Problem is that Barry and I were “babysitting” for Jane & Brian’s 3 dogs while they headed to Martha’s Vineyard for a little mini-Honeymoon before their real Honeymoon in October.

This meant utter betrayal in dog language that went something like this as Barry and I were preparing for our runs…

What? You’re going somewhere?  Don’t think we don’t know. 

Aren’t you two supposed to be grandparents?  What is this?

I’m telling.

And the ultimate utter betrayal stance, the face turn away over the running shoes…

The "utter betrayal" look away...

Don’t even think I don’t see these.




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  1. 7.28.12
    Dawn said:


    Now why don’t you take them with you? I’m sure the 2 of you running with three dogs would be blogworthy LOL

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