Daily Diary: William’s Record Breaking Swim in the 25-Yard Backstroke

My William loves to swim.

The little guy breathes it. The little guy dreams about it. The little guy just loves the water. He wants to fly through it and be the best he can be.

He’s a determined little guy and I love it.

This past weekend he had his Summer Swimming Championships. He wanted to win the 25-Free and the 25-Backstroke in the 8 and under category. He’s 7, so we tried to “talk him down” a little bit. We just said to him, “Buddy… you just swim the best you can do, that’s it!”

When the 25-Free came up, I saw him standing behind his lane ready to go. He wanted it, he wanted it bad. He came in 2nd place by 1/2 second. Putting it lightly, he wasn’t happy. He wasn’t happy at all. I smiled when I saw the competitiveness in his bones, and when he declared, “Next time, that race is mine.” I fully believe that you’re either born with this competitiveness, and… he WAS born with it. 🙂

He was upset after that swim, so I told him, “Go get it in the backstroke”!

He told me and Matt that he was going to win and break the record. And you know what? I believed him. There was something in his eyes. There was something in his voice. He wanted it, and this time, he was going to get it.

And you know what… he did.

I was so proud of him!

He little swimmer!

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  1. 8.8.12

    Hooray William! Love following his swim adventures. xoxo

  2. 8.8.12
    Nancy said:

    This brought tears to my eyes. How exciting. Tell William I am proud of him.

  3. 8.10.12
    Barry (Dad/Grandpa/Pop-Up) said:

    Nice job Buddy!!

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