Goosebump Story: Do you believe in ANGELS?

I do.

I always have.

Especially angels here on earth.

I’ve had quite a few experiences happen to me in my life where I know never to doubt the existence of an angel.

They come in many different shapes and sizes, and they never continue to surprise me.

I had an experience tonight that I just need to share.

We decided to take the boys out to dinner tonight, we had some great news happen today with Matt and some beautiful closure today with our own little angel. Life is good and we wanted to celebrate that, even on a day that gave us some sadness, but also some incredible news of my husband’s 6-month cat scan being CLEAR! That was news we were BEYOND excited to receive!

As we were leaving the restaurant, a woman walked out the door behind me saying, “Excuse me!”

I turned and saw it was the woman who had been sitting the next booth over from us.

“You didn’t hear me try and tell you inside as you were leaving, but I wanted to tell you how blessed you are with your 4 sons. They’re so handsome and were so well-behaved. My husband and I have been sitting there watching and just admiring. You’re very lucky.”

I was so taken aback, especially with what happened today, that I teared up.

I told her what happened this morning and how beautiful and needed it was in that moment, and on this very day for a stranger to tell us that. I couldn’t hold back my emotions, it just really hit me like a big bear hug.

She looked at me and said, “I’m not able to have children, so I always love seeing families together, it warms my heart. I’m blessed to have nieces and nephews as my children. You will be in my prayers.”

I hugged her tight and said, “You will be in mine.”

It was an incredible moment.

I got in the car, looked at Matt and said, “I can’t believe that just happened.”

Somewhere, somehow, someone sent her to us tonight.

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  1. 8.22.12
    amy Z said:

    All throughout my life, when things have been at their most difficult, a person crosses my path that I know is put there on purpose. It is usually someone less fortunate or overcoming something monumental. I do not believe it is a coincidence. I believe in the grand scheme we are given these episodes to make us realize how fortunate we are, even in our darkest hours. Call it religion. Call it spirituality, karma, fate… whatever rings your bell. Just pay attention to it and always be mindful of the signs, for the true tragedy would be missing the point. Again… hugs to you and Matt.

  2. 8.22.12
    Kelly said:

    Amazing! I really do believe-there are just too many things that have happened to me and people I know. Sending you so much love tonight.

  3. 8.22.12
    Amanda said:

    I love that you punctuated the encounter with a hug!

  4. 8.22.12
    Hanan said:

    That was so heart whelming Audrey, thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. 8.22.12
    Melissa P. @Mel4Him said:

    Yes, I certainly do believe in angels and divine intervention. God is so good. He knows exactly what we need and His timing is always perfect. Thank you for sharing these moments of your life with us. Your testimony of faith and God’s love is an inspiration to us all. And to that one individual that is going through the same situation, your story is truly a blessing to them. God bless you Audrey. ♥♥♥

  6. 8.22.12
    Donna Presnal said:

    Audrey, I love reading about you guys. Your family is awesome. It is so wonderful that your whole family can spend your lives together. Thanks for sharing this sweet story on a day that was such a hard one for all of you. Your ability to see joy, through your situation, is inspiring.
    Thanks. And yes, I know our angels are here. It is great when someone is willing to step out and tell about it.
    Gives us all hope.

  7. 8.22.12
    melissa said:

    i do believe in something. Things like that have happened to me, too. I don’t usually link to posts in other peoples comment sections but here… this is just one circumstance that stands out so much…which is why i relate SO MUCH to this post!

  8. 8.22.12
    lissa said:

    goosebumps! <3

  9. 8.22.12

    Awesome how God works to heal our pains. He wants happiness in our lives and He wants us to trust in Him, perhaps this was His way of reminding you of all the blessings you do have. So glad you met this woman and even more excited to hear about Matt’s appointment! Love you love you love you!!!

  10. 8.22.12
    Sheri said:

    I ABSOLUTELY believe in angels. They come when you least expect it and desperately need it.

  11. 8.22.12

    Amy Z….very well said. I couldn’t agree more. Audrey, you deserved that angel….hugs to you!!

  12. 8.22.12

    LOVE! I have had those kind words from stranger angels as well – at exactly the right time. How do they know?? Now I work hard to give them.

  13. 8.22.12
    Patty said:

    What an amazing encounter. I’m so happy to hear your husband got the all clear. Many blessing to you both. {{{Hugs}}}

  14. 8.22.12

    I bet you were a bit of an angel to her as well! If she can’t have kids, yet she’s that wonderful that she comes up to you to say something like that… she’s obviously a good person but probably felt sadness at one point knowing she couldn’t have kids. To have you tell her what happened and for her to know she touched you in such a way, that was MEANINGFUL to her too, I’m sure.

    Angels all around us – I don’t doubt it for a second.

  15. 8.23.12

    Now I have goosebumps and a renowned faith in divine intervention. I’m so happy that this happened to you. The similar situations I’ve had left an incredible sense of peace that is difficult to explain.

  16. 8.23.12
    Kristin said:

    Just the other day, I had to step in and help a neighbor who had an emergency D and C, while her husband is gone. Your angel came at the right time…. Blessings and thoughts and prayers to you.

  17. 8.23.12

    I do believe in angels. And I’m so happy you had this moment….so beautiful!

  18. 8.28.12
    Arianne said:

    Oh how I love this! You know I believe. <3

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