Reasons Why it’s SO Important to have a Good Group of Blogging Friends

Why it’s SO Important to have a Good Group of Blogging Friends

Reasons Why it's SO Important to have a Good Group of Blogging Friends

When I started blogging in 2007, there was one thing I underestimated about blogging… the friendships.

I knew I’d meet bloggers. I knew I’d probably hit if off with a few. And I knew it would be helpful to have some friends in the “biz.” I just wasn’t sure if I’d get lucky enough to have some friends, some real friends.

Well… I have to say, I’m blessed.

If there’s one “secret” to what we do as bloggers, I have to say, it’s getting out there and making friendships and forging forever relationships with other bloggers. I say it’s a “secret” because the friendships I’ve made throughout the last 5 years… these ladies are my anchors, they are my confidants, they are my “sisters”… they get me through everything.

Why it’s SO Important to have a Good Group of Blogging Friends…

Blogging Help – There’s something very cool about being able to email, tweet, facebook or call a blogging friend up and ask a “blogging” question. How do I get my widget on the right side? How can I SEO this article better? How can I get more traffic? How can I make money? Your friends help you out. Plain and simple.

Support – If you’re a blogger, nobody else understands more than a fellow blogger. The support that the community gives each other is unbelievable. The support at events (like our recent Getting Gorgeous), on postings, on contacts, on personal things, etc… is remarkable.

Collaborations – There’s power in numbers, I’ve always believed that. I love being able to work with my friends, it’s a wonderful way to help your blog grow and add some fabulous content!

But truthfully… why it’s so important is because you have these special “people” who just get you and know you better than anyone. They’re the ones at 1AM you can turn to. They’re the ones you can say “I just need to vent for a second” and they let you do it.

The most special piece of all about blogging friends… many of these friends I actually only see in person once or twice a year. Our relationship is online. It’s that sacred and that special.

My blogging friends are my “sisters”… and I cherish, honor and love our friendships.

It strikes home to me just how blessed I am to have such amazing friends when I actually see all my friends in person… like this past weekend!

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  1. 8.6.12
    melissa said:

    Agreed. I love, love, love the Rhody Blogger women and BlogHer would not have been the same amazing experience without them.

  2. 8.8.12

    I couldn’t agree more!!!

  3. 8.8.12

    You’re so right! I feel so blessed to have such a great group of blogger friends, especially from Rhode Island!

  4. 8.8.12

    Beautiful Post and so True! Xo Kimberly

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