Back-to-School Bedtime Rituals

Everyone is finally back in school!

William, Alex and Ben started on August 29th.

And my little Henry started on Monday. 🙂

We’ve been getting back into the back-to-school routines – packing lunches, getting backpacks ready, homework completed, outfits picked out the night before, gym clothes ready, etc… there’s one other BIG thing we’ve been doing, too – BEDTIME RITUALS.

We’re talking – Back-to-School Bedtime Rituals.

Throughout the summer the boys’ bedtime habits are all over the place. We’re so busy with swim meets and activities and traveling that it doesn’t make sense for us to keep them on a set bedtime schedule. We’re here. We’re there. We’re everywhere. Some nights they were in bed by 8PM, other nights at 10PM. Not good… I know, but with the sky still bright at 8PM in July, it was tough rationalizing bedtime when our pool club was still open!

But now it’s a different time of year.

I’m working as a Serta Ambassador right now. William, Alex, Ben and Henry all have Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattresses in their rooms.

I have never invested in a quality mattress for them before, and let me tell you… I see a HUGE difference in their sleep patterns. I never realized that so many sleep issues could potentially just have to do with having a not-so-great mattress.

My boys have been LOVING their mattress… here’s my Alex’s testimony:

I’d say William STILL sleeping at 8:10AM when school starts at 8:40AM is a good indication! 🙂

We have started doing some Back-to-School Bedtime Rituals with the start of school:

1) Boys are UP in bed at 8PM, they are allowed to read till 8:30/9PM, but after that… lights completely out!
2) That being said, a book is read to them in bed every single night. I want this tradition to stay with the boys throughout their lives.
3) We have taught them how to make their very own beds! OK… Ben and Henry need a little help, but William and Alex are good at it. I think it helps them feel more grown-up and it also helps us out a lot, too.
4) On weekends, they still stay on a schedule… they are allowed to stay up till around 9/9:30PM (if we don’t have anything going on).
5) The boys feel even more connected to their beds because I let them all pick out their very own bedding and decorative pillows. I never realized how important that would make them feel, it was adorable.
6) They have to go to bed with CLEAN FEET!! They play outside when they get home from school and their feet are always dirty, they MUST wash them extra extra before hopping into bed!

They are LOVING their Serta mattresses, and as their mom… I can see such a HUGE difference. They actually SLEEP in bed throughout the night.

Thank you, Serta! 🙂

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