Daily Diary: Happy 8th Birthday to my WILLIAM!!!

My William turns 8 today.

My sweet.
My handsome.
My smart.
My silly.
My talented.

My first-born… turns 8 years old.

William and Mommy - September 2nd, 2004

Where has the time gone? Literally.

8 years old!

William - September 24, 2012!

William has brought so much joy, love, passion and laughter to our family. He’s our little side-kick, where Matt and I often joke that he’s more like an adult than he is a child. The day William was placed in my hands, my life had full meaning. It was one of those moments where I thought to myself, “So… this is why I’m here. For him.” And that feeling has intensified throughout the last 8 years.

My William.

Every year I make them a little video montage of their life… it’s fun now that the boys are old enough to ask for it! This year William even picked out his music for me.

Happy 8th Birthday William! from Audrey McClelland on Vimeo.

There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love my children.

They are my everything.
My anchor.

Many people has asked why we decided to have 4 babies so close in age… I always tell them, it started with our William. We had him and knew we NEEDED more.

So my William. As you enter your 8th year… continue being YOU. Continue exploring and laughing and being curious and loving and finding all the things you love to do and keep doing them.

You are my little angel.

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!

Love, Mommy.


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  1. 9.25.12

    happy happy day william! and i love the belly pic and video montage. awesome!

  2. 9.25.12
    Karianna said:

    Happy Birthday William! What a fabulous belly shot, and a fantastic kid!

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