My Closet Dream? Install a closet from EasyClosets. Period.

I’ve shared this on my blog before, but my closet space in my home consists of taking over the closets in my sons’ bedrooms. That’s right, every single closet in the bedrooms upstairs (sans my own room!) has all my clothing inside.

Sadly, I have a system. A very loose system, but this is what I have:

William/Alex’s room: Blouses and sweaters
Henry’s room: Jeans
Benjaming’s room: Dresses/Skirts/Dressy tanks and SHOES

This is how I have been living for 6 years, and believe me… for someone like me, it isn’t easy. It isn’t easy at all.

EasyClosets was one of our amazing sponsors at Getting Gorgeous this past August. I had the very unique situation of really getting to know the brand inside and out. I am absolutely blown away by the ease, the convenience, the organization and the beauty of EasyClosets.

Let me put it this way… if you want your DREAM CLOSET, you go to

It’s pretty plain and simple.

EasyClosets gives you different options and styles to choose from, but one thing that I love is that the quality of the closets is superb! You’re getting something that’s going to last you and make you smile every single time you open your closet doors.

The BIG problem I have in my own house is that I don’t have any organization with my closets. Everything is sort of just tossed in. I don’t hang my clothing by color or style or size or anything. When I open a closet I’m overwhelmed, and that’s not a good feeling. When I began to learn more and more and more about EasyClosets, I was just in awe. I kept saying to myself, “This is what I need. This is it.”

The best was at Getting Gorgeous seeing all the other bloggers say the same thing as they passed by EasyClosets’ booth.

I had the chance to interview Angela Smit, EasyClosets Marketing Communications Manager after Getting Gorgeous to really get the inside scoop on the beauty and the need for EasyClosets!

What do you see happening to your customers when they get their very own EasyClosets solution? Do you see a transformation happen?

Besides the aesthetic improvements, EasyClosets systems can provide a lifestyle change for our customers. When you become more organized it’s only natural that you’ll be more efficient. Having a place for everything makes it easier to access what you need when you need it and allows you to be able to see what you have.

Often customers will come to us because they have been living with clutter and are ready to make a change. With our simple-to-use design tool, fast delivery, and easy installation, transforming their home and life can happen in a matter of days. If you place your order by 6:00 p.m. EST, it ships the next business day.

Our customers take pride in their homes and the improvements they make to it, whether it’s a small remodeling project, a complete renovation or even adding closet organizers to their new home. The ability to design their own custom closet online and install it themselves gives customers a great sense of accomplishment, along with a beautiful, functional space they are eager to show to their friends and family.

2) What would you say are the 3 most important things about creating a space with Easy Closets?

After you’ve browsed through the photos on the gallery for ideas and are ready to start a design, the first thing you’ll need is the dimensions of your space. (The web site offers tips for measuring.) Simply enter your measurements or start with a sample design, then the EasyClosets intuitive design tool will walk you through the design process, allowing you to choose options and features. There are configurations for hanging, shelving, drawers, baskets, shoe storage, and more. You’ll see the transformation take place instantly as you make changes. The design tool provides updated pricing and will give you a good understanding how each option works with the size of your space.

An EasyClosets Design Specialist can review your designs to ensure your needs are met and offer you helpful tips and design suggestions. Whether you need some minor modifications to align more with your budget, or if you need a complete redo, or even if you just want an expert to check over your design before you place an order, this professional service EasyClosets offers is free. 

When creating your new space, think about functionality foremost. Although aesthetics play an important role, you should make sure your solution serves you functionally. Plan your space with the goal to serve your daily needs, placing frequently-used items in easy-to-access areas. Position your shelves, rods, and drawers where can easily get to your shirts, slacks, undergarment, shoes and other items you wear often. Dress shoes and seasonal items can be placed on a top shelf and rotated as needed.
Plan for the future; don’t just design a solution for the here and now. Because EasyClosets is versatile, you can easily add to it or rearrange it as your needs change. Are you planning down the road to downsize? Will you need to minimize your furniture? If you will be getting rid of dresser in your bedroom to open up more floor space, then design your closet with standardize shelving areas, which allow you to add drawers and baskets at a later date. You can start with a baseline design that includes hanging areas and shelves and then ramp it up when the time is right. It’s simple to personalize your EasyClosets organization system by adding cool storage features and accessories such as a fold-out ironing board, baskets, hampers, pull-out pant racks, drawers, shoe shelves, racks for belts, ties, and scarves, and even trim molding to create a finished, built-in look.

3) As a busy mom, I’m often feeling overwhelmed and chaotic in my closet space. Do you find most of your customers to be mothers?

A good percent of our customers are mothers. As we all know, moms are busy and they are looking to reduce the chaos and create more calm in their home. Good organization is one way to help achieve that goal. A beautiful, organized closet in your master bedroom can provide a peaceful start and end each day.

After our customers have installed EasyClosets in their master bedroom and see the benefits it provides, they want to organize other areas of their home. It’s true: organization can be addicting.

A nice feature EasyClosets offers for a child’s closet is the adjustability. As the child grows, the poles and shelves can be moved so it’s easy for him or her to reach. With EasyClosets, you are getting a system that is designed for your child to grow into not out of, and that is going to last. This means when they go off to college you can repurpose the space and make it yours. Craft room, home office, guest room – you name it.

I’m telling you… if you need this in your life, GO GET IT! 🙂

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