101 Things to Do with Dad and Son

My husband has 4 sons, so he’s all about coming up with 101 Things to Do with Dad and Son. I love being able to help him come up with ideas to do with the boys. It’s not always easy coming up with things to do constantly.

You don’t want to repeat things and you don’t want to do things that just wouldn’t make sense. My husband loves spending time with the boys, so I thought it would be fun to create this huge list of fun things to do!

Things to Do with Dad and Son

Things to Do with Dad and SonAs a mom of 4 boys, I don’t know what it’s like to play dress-up with little girls, go for manicures and pedicures with a little lady or watch lots of Fairy Tales… I just know boys. Boys are my boys.

I’ve gotten very good throughout the years of following along with my 5 guys. I have to say, I love it. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing them all so happy! They have such a great bond with each other and it’s awesome and it’s fun to see and watch from afar and close up!


If you’re like us and looking for some fun things to do, this list of 101 Things to Do with Dad and Son should be helpful. We’re all about trying to come up with stuff that any dad and son could enjoy. You probably won’t want to do everything on this list, but I promise you that there will be a few things that you will fall in love with doing.

It’s all about making it fun and memorable. Let’s face it – anything can be fun and memorable. It’s just about making sure you have the time to be together! That’s the most important!

101 Things to Do with your Son

I often get questions from other “boy moms” asking me what types of things, activities and sports I do with the boys… I have to say, we do a lot of stuff together and we always have a blast and lots of fun. I thought it would be fun to share a list of 101 things to do with your sons (you know, rather than just play video games together!).

Many of these things are seasonal and vary in age… but all in all, here’s a good solid list to get you started! OK, moms and dads – are you ready for this full list!? Have some fun and enjoy it!

101 Things to Do with Dad and Son (rather than just play video games):

Play Basketball
Ride Bikes
Build a Fort in the Living Room
Make your own Ice Cream
Create a Scavenger Hunt

101 things to do with teen sons

Plant a Garden
Hike through the Woods
Bake Brownies
Hang Decorations (seasonal)
Apple Picking
Harlem Globetrotters
Swimming at a Local Pool
Library Visit

101 things to do with teen sons

Head to a Pizza Shop
Roller Skating
Make your Own Music Video
Holiday Toy Shop Browsing
Build a LEGO Tower
Make an Apple Pie
Make a Collage with pictures of their fave things
Re-decorate their bedrooms
Races around the house
Waterslide Park

101 things to do with teen sons
My beautiful Mom with 4 great-grandsons!

Rake Leaves into a pile for jumping
Snowball fight (seasonal)
Style a mohawk in their hair
Laser Tag
Read a book together on the couch
Watch your FAVE movie as a child (Mine would be Goonies!)
Put on some music and DANCE
Make a card for someone special with each other (grandma, grandpa, dad, etc)

101 things to do with teen sons
4 grandsons for a Game of Wiffle Ball

Draw with chalk in the driveway
Freeze Tag
Take our Light Sabers and have some battles
Batting Cage
Arcade at the mall – Old school like you used to do!
Head to the movies
Shopping Trip to buy Athletic Gear
Ice Skating

4 sons
My 4 sons…

Make milkshakes together
Amusement Park for the Day!
Haunted House
Paint a picture together
Head to a local playground
Run/Jog around the block (depending on age)
Card Games – War, Go Fish, etc

Ben and Alex
2 of my grandsons, Alex and Ben, saw the Daisies from my car and asked if we could stop to see them!

Watch a Football Game (and let them explain the game to you)
Playdate with his best friend and his mother
Ice Hockey Game
Corn Maze
Grab 2 cameras and go out and take some photographs (they could be disposalable ones, too!)
Day trip to your local City
Head to the ZOO
Roast marshmallows
If it rained, JUMP in puddles together (shock your son!)
Play soccer together

McClelland Family
They had stationed floats in the water! My sons loved the CROC!

Saturday morning breakfast date – just the 2 of you!
Head to a local kids’ museum
Color together
Build-A-Bear Workshop stop
Sledding (seasonal)
Create a Fish Tank together
Head to a Baseball Game together (minor or major)
Sleepover in the living room with sleeping bags
Halloween costume shopping!

McClelland Family
My sons with a little too much sun…

Board Games!
Playing catch in the backyard
Go to church together
Visit a local Audubon Society
Do a science experiment
Go to a WWE Wrestling match (you do what you gotta do!)
Create a blog together (my sons are itching to do this!)
Shop together for new clothes and let him pick the stuff out
Volunteer together
Po-Go Stick Jumping
Make bubbles!
NERF football
Water gun fight
Slinky down the stairs – always a good time!
Look through your yard for bugs and insects

Toy Review: Laser Tag at home with Laser X (a.k.a. – A dream come true for my sons!)

Learn magic tricks
Plan a picnic
Head to the beach and collect shells and jump waves!
Haircut time!
Visit his grandparents
Build a sandcastle!
Drive somewhere, just to grab some time in the car to chat – just the 2 of you

Audrey McClelland

What did I miss? Let me know!! I will add it on to the bottom of the list! I feel like we’re all in this together, so it’s important to make sure we all share and give each ideas as to what to do!

I love making lists, so check out these ones, too:

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Make sure you check out our YouTube channel, too! It showcases tons of activities that we do together, too. I love being able to share content there, too because it’s fun for everyone to check out and see us first hand having fun together!

And remember to share with me what I’m missing! I would love to be able to pop it on!


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  1. 10.15.12

    Amazing list. I have three sons and this is a fantastic boys list. So glad to see that you added baking activities. My boys loved to get into the kitchen if there was something involving sugar at the end…

  2. 10.15.12

    I love this post so much! I have three active boys (and two active girls!) and they are always looking for fun things to do.

  3. 10.15.12
    Dianne Tima said:

    You have it just right . . . mine are grown now, but I’m sure Matt could add some to this list from growing up in Pittsburgh . . . and of course, there are SOME things that should NEVER make that list!!!! [Shhhh, Matt]

  4. 10.16.12
    Dawn Adams said:

    I also have 4 boys now aged 8-14 and we go kite flying, build dens on the river bank, feed the ducks and swans at the lake in the forest park, explore ruined castles around the coastline, climb trees, go strawberry picking, climb rocks and light small bonfires at the beach for a midnight picnic ;o) It makes life as a 42yr old more interesting :o)

  5. 10.16.12

    I love this list!!

  6. 10.16.12
    Kate said:

    FUN! Thanks for putting together this awesome list.

  7. 10.16.12
    Sheri said:

    Love it!! I still love a good dance party complete with spatula microphones!

  8. 10.17.12
    admin said:

    LOL… so true!

  9. 10.25.12
    Grete Carder said:

    when my husband became handicapped I had to take over many of the dad roles to. Fishing is a definite one to add to the list, but don’t be afraid to bait the hook for little ones! Now mine is 17yrs old and I make him bait my hook! good times

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