Disney’s Cinderella Inspires The Glass Slipper Collection at DSW!

I’m such a lover of happily-ever-afters and fairy tales.

Always have been, always will be.

As a mom of 4 BOYS… I haven’t had the opportunity to buy princess dresses or Cinderella ballgowns for anyone. Fortunately I have 2 nieces and lots of friends with daughters, so I can live girly-vicariously through them! I actually always tell my sons that Cinderella is important for boys to watch because Prince Charming is the coolest guy in the world… and every lady loves a Prince Charming. 🙂

So… I was thrilled to see that DSW has a collection called, The Glass Slipper Collection. How great is that? You can have your very own Cinderella moment in these magnificent shoes!

Blending the classic elegance of Cinderella with today’s footwear trends, this limited-edition shoe collection from DSW ($59.95 to $89.95) will make any woman look fabulous and feel glamorous on her big night. The exquisite shoes bear an embossed carriage logo and a signature blue jewel on the sole, making them not only a great fashion statement, but a stylish collector’s item as well. Available now at DSW stores and dsw.com.

There’s the…

Romance Sandal

Charming Sandal

Cinderella Pump

Royal Pump

Princess Sandal

Fairy take worthy, huh?

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  1. 10.11.12

    Those are gorgeous!! The Cindrella Pump will be perfect for a dress I just got for a wedding this month!! (I was seriously wondering what I was going to wear with it!!)

  2. 10.11.12

    These are so pretty! I think you should be Cinderella for Halloween Mama!!! =) Those shoes would look awesome on you!

  3. 10.11.12
    Becky said:

    a dream is a wish your heart makes…

  4. 10.11.12
    Karen said:

    Where were these when I was getting married?! So cute. I may have to go get that royal pump. In.Love.

  5. 10.11.12
    candice said:

    I saw some of these the other day and was trying to find a reason to buy a pair!

  6. 10.11.12
    mel said:

    I want all those shoes. They are awesome!

  7. 10.12.12

    Those Royal Pumps are pretty snazzy!

  8. 10.12.12

    Love the royal blue! What a cute collection for brides and anyone channeling their inner princess

  9. 10.12.12
    admin said:

    I really loved them!

  10. 10.12.12
    admin said:

    NO kidding, right!?

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