Fashion Alert and Giveaway: Dansko Fall Collection

Fashion Alert and Giveaway: Dansko Fall Collection

My best friend in the whole entire world lives for Dansko. About 2 years ago she bought me a pair of clogs for Christmas because she wanted me to feel the comfort that (and I quote) she “sinks her feet into” every single day.

I was hooked and I’ve been a fan ever since.

What do I love?

1. I love the comfort factor.
2. I love that each every style features the Dansko DNA- materials and construction carefully selected to promote good foot, leg and back health.
3. I love that Dansko is able to forget style and comfort together, where you truly are getting practical fashion.
4. I love that they take care of your feet, the foundation of you!

Dansko’s Fall Collection is exquisite!

I’m absolutely blown away by the styles, the colors and their gorgeousness. Perfect for MOMS! You can literally get away with wearing anything with Dansko’s Fall Collection, they’ve made it that easy for you.

Dansko sent me a pair to “rock” on my very own this Fall and I’ve been sporting around in the Nikita

… Slouchy and sassy!

I’m telling you, these booties are perfect with anything! Skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses and even suits! They really do exude a trendiness and cool factor that you appreciate and just love being able to “sink your feet into!” When you can hit comfort and fashion together, it’s a shoe-homerun!

Dansko creates shoes this way, the pairing of comfort-ability and fashion… it goes a long way and is loved by the feet that wear them! Dansko is making the FALL so much fun!!

I also love that Dansko is working with lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew this season and has asked her to put together these great tips to help women get the most out of the season. LOVE these tips!


I’m BEYOND excited to be sharing with my readers a Dansko FALL COLLECTION GIVEAWAY!

I’m giving away ONE pair of shoes from the following Collections – Calais, Crepe Wrapped and Sofia!! What’s your FAVE!!??


Just let me know what style you would love to own!

I’ll pick a winner on Saturday, October 27th, 2012 at 5PM (EST)

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  1. 10.18.12
    Lisa Dunham said:

    I would love the Nikita…
    or the Crepe Professional, can’t decide…

  2. 10.18.12
    Wehaf said:

    I love the Calais Carol shoes – they look so comfortable and stylish!

  3. 10.18.12
    Brenlin said:

    I love the crepe boot in the steel vintage suede!

  4. 10.18.12
    tinatre said:

    Oh, the Crepe Boot in bronze looks super cool!!!

  5. 10.19.12
    Meredith M said:

    The Nevin Graphite Brush-Off Sofia Collection are super cute! I would wear these all the time at work!

  6. 10.19.12
    sydney85 said:

    I love the crepe boot. So stylish and comfortable looking.

  7. 10.19.12
    Cassie said:

    Def love the crepe boot, stylish but can still chase the kiddos!

  8. 10.19.12
    Elena V said:

    Audrey, thank you so much for the generous giveaway! My favorite pair is the Nikita boot. It is sassy and confident just like me!

  9. 10.19.12
    purplestyle said:

    Oh, would love the crepe boots in bronze! All great styles

  10. 10.19.12

    I like vintage so much.
    So I would love to own Crepe Mary Jane: Bronze Vintage Suede 😉

    thank you so much for the giveaway.

  11. 10.19.12
    Jennifer Reed said:

    reejen at comcast dot net

  12. 10.19.12
    Mandy said:

    I love my Dansko clogs and I love all these new styles … so tempting. I’m very tempted by the Crepe Chukka and the crepe boot!

  13. 10.19.12
    Tracy D said:

    Difficult decision, but I think the Sofia Nori is my fav!

  14. 10.19.12
    Nora said:

    I love the sofia nikita black! so many options!

  15. 10.19.12
    Jeanette H. said:

    I like the Nikita from the Sofia collection (:

  16. 10.19.12
    Beth said:

    Have been eying the Nikita boot in black for a while..I wear danskos clogs all the time for the comfort factor, but the Nikita boots are so chic and flirty – and comfortable – love!

  17. 10.19.12
    Lisa said:

    I love the carol pewter, same color shown, so cute and comfy..

  18. 10.19.12
    Christine said:

    I love the Crepe Collection. Thanks so much Audrey!

  19. 10.19.12
    Sue Thompson said:

    I love them all but would live the Nori in black! Or the Nikita!

  20. 10.19.12
    Kristin said:

    Mulberry Mary Janes….. I had two pairs of Dansko’s for 10 years. The tops wore out before the bottoms and I LOVED them. Heartbreaking to have to get rid of them. They really are amazing shoes!

  21. 10.19.12
    Michelle said:

    I LOVE the Sophia Collection – all three of them equally as each is a great piece! You can dress them up or wear casually and that is awesome!!! Not easy to find that in shoes especially for us moms. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to all!

  22. 10.19.12
    Sky said:

    Oh, how I love shoes! I’m particularly smitten with Ainsley…aren’t they just delish?

  23. 10.19.12
    ellen millea said:

    crepe boot, adorable. and i just had to retire my fav boots 🙁

  24. 10.19.12
    LarissaB. said:

    I like them all, but I *really* like the Crepe Boot in Steel or the Nikita in Black.

  25. 10.19.12
    Brooke Wyman said:

    I love the crepe professional in Steel!

  26. 10.19.12
    Susan Lutte said:

    LOVE the Nadine Sophia!!! I own 5 pairs of Dansko professional clogs (in different colors/materials) and am always looking to add another pair! Fingers crossed =]

  27. 10.19.12
    Polly said:

    Danskos have saved me from plantar faciatis…I also like the Nikita in black.

  28. 10.19.12
    mary said:

    I love the Ainsley look comfy and practical yet cute and trendy!

  29. 10.19.12

    I love maryjanes! The chrissy looks like a comfy,
    Fun, funky shoe!

  30. 10.19.12
    rachel said:

    I love them all. They are the most comfortable shoe I own.

  31. 10.19.12
    Jennifer Ryan said:

    I love the Calais Carol shoes – I have to have my foot well covered at work and many shoe styles are too low cut. These look perfect!!!

  32. 10.19.12

    I love them all but have to stick with my fave the professional in either the steel or the bronze. They last forever the bottoms never wear out.

  33. 10.19.12
    LOVE FATIMAH said:


  34. 10.19.12
    Robin said:

    Loving the Crepe Boot!

  35. 10.19.12
    Becky said:

    I need those booties!!!!

  36. 10.19.12
    Mary said:

    crepe boot!

  37. 10.19.12
    Sarahviz said:

    I’m totally digging those Black Nappa Banks!

  38. 10.19.12
    Betsy said:

    Crepe Wrapped in Proffesional. I live in my Dansko’s and even my eight year old son has a pair.

  39. 10.19.12
    amanda r said:

    That Crepe Boot is to die for! And the broze color is perfect for fall!

  40. 10.19.12
    Stefanie Gladden said:

    I love the Nat boots!!

  41. 10.19.12

    I love the Crepe Boot! I am a huge fan of boots…a woman can never have too many! I also like the Carols but think they would be awesome in chocolate!

  42. 10.19.12


  43. 10.19.12
    Rachel said:

    The Sofia Booties!

  44. 10.19.12
    Sonya McKinney said:

    I love the crepe profesional

  45. 10.19.12

    I love the Nori Sofia in plum…oh the possibilities!

  46. 10.19.12
    Sarah said:

    The crepe boot – love!

  47. 10.19.12
    Kari said:

    I love the Calais Colby short boot in chocolate – they all look really great, though.

  48. 10.19.12
    Carolyn said:

    Love your blog and the Crepe Boot or the Professional!

  49. 10.19.12
    Sharon said:

    Easy – the NAdine Clog for all these reasons: I am short and I need the height. They don’t look too high so they will still allow me to be a mom on the move – chasing after kids and cleaning up the house in a jiffy.They are so simple to get on and off, just slip your feet in and slide them out when you walk in the door carrying a 3 yr old who just will not put shoes on half the time. I certainly need that ease factor. I am on the go all the eime. The fashion factor – they look terrific! And course what else you would expect – the comfort factor. I am always looking for shoes I can wear that will support my foot, my arch and lower back.

  50. 10.19.12
    Caitlyn Buscemi said:

    I love the Sofia cute!

  51. 10.19.12
    jackie said:

    love the crepe wrapped!

  52. 10.19.12
    diane sabatini said:

    I love the Crepe Boot! Thank you so much and good luck everyone!

  53. 10.19.12
    amy rothenfeld said:

    Ok You had me at Dansko. I LOVE this shoe company. I have been wearing Dansko since I discovered them on a trip to Colorado in 1996 and I still have them!. I have alot of their shoes, boots and sandals but since i have kids I can’t buy them like I used to…boohoo
    I was just looking at the Chrissy at a store TODAY. Funny. I also like the Ainsley and the Nori. What a great contest.

  54. 10.20.12
    Jean Phillips said:

    I would really love to own the Nikita boot in black. Thank You

  55. 10.20.12
    jeannine s said:

    I like the Crepe Wrapped MAry Jane

  56. 10.20.12
    Aimee said:

    I would love the crepe chukka

  57. 10.20.12
    Nikki said:

    Those crepe boots and crepe chukkas look soooo comfy! I love Dansko and the pair I have are in very loved condition! New ones would be lovely!

  58. 10.21.12
    Amy said:

    Love the Nadine, so cute!

  59. 10.21.12

    I am dreaming of the Crepe Boot. It’s simple design is charming and I could see myself rocking these with cute colorful tights and a skirt or with pants tucked in while I’m working. Cute, cute!

  60. 10.21.12

    the crepe wrapped line- love the look

  61. 10.21.12

    i like cadence in black

  62. 10.21.12
    Lauren said:

    I love the nikita ankle bootie

  63. 10.22.12
    Nikki Elkins said:

    there are so many that I love!!! NIKITA BLACK KID SUEDE
    SOFIA COLLECTION (#7702020200)

  64. 10.22.12
    NICHOL T said:

    Crepe wrapped clogs

  65. 10.22.12
    Christina Z said:

    I love the Crepe Mary Janes! Thank you for the chance I love these shoes!!

  66. 10.22.12
    Sheri Marshall said:

    I would love the Nadine’s. I haven’t had a new pair of shoes in a couple of years. This would be Awesome!

  67. 10.22.12
    Renee Hazlewood said:

    The Chrissy in pewter!!!! SOOOOO cute!

  68. 10.22.12
    Kara Guerette said:

    I love love the crepe wrapped. Need a pair of dansko!

  69. 10.22.12
    kathy hoprich said:

    Love the Crepe boot!

  70. 10.22.12
    Betsy-Jane Lynch said:

    I would love the crepe chukka – I am all about comfort! What an amazing giveaway!

  71. 10.22.12
    jennie said:

    Absolutely love the crepes

  72. 10.22.12
    Courtney said:

    I love the Nori in charcoal

  73. 10.22.12

    I like the Calais Collection!!

  74. 10.22.12
    maria said:

    crepe boot! thanks!

  75. 10.22.12
    Char said:

    The Nadine in Plum, definitely ME!

  76. 10.22.12
    Tina Renee Barker said:

    I’m crazy for the Crepe Professional in Bronze Vintage Suede!!

  77. 10.23.12
    jessica edwards said:


  78. 10.23.12
    Julie said:

    love the crepe wrapped boots

  79. 10.23.12
    Jessie C. said:

    RIKI BROWN CRAZY HORSE looks great

  80. 10.23.12
    Jessie C. said:


  81. 10.24.12
    Sara said:

    It’s so hard to choose just one! But, I think Ainsley would go well with most of my wardrobe. I just got back into the cosmetology business and will be on my feet a lot. Danskos will be on my Christmas list for sure! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  82. 10.24.12
    Kelly D said:

    I like the Crepe Wrapped style.

  83. 10.26.12

    I love the Crepe Mary Jane from Crepe Wrapped.

  84. 10.27.12
    Doris said:

    I love the Crissy in plum! Thanks!

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