“Your Life Calling” – 50+ model Dawn Nakamura-Kessler heard the call!

Do you hear “Your Life Calling”?…

Did you happen to catch NBC’s TODAY Show AARP segment “Your Life Calling” this morning with Jane Pauley?

If you did, you must be as inspired as I am with 50+ model Dawn Nakamura-Kessler, who didn’t think she’d be alive to see 50, yet made it and is now following her dream of being a fashion model.  While battling chronic heart disease all her life and open-heart surgery at age 26, Dawn has now found the courage to overcome her “vulnerabilities” and become a successful professional model at the “ripe old age” of 50…

Dawn’s one dream was to see her son graduate from high school, but now as an empty-nester is realizing her “life calling” of being in front of the camera and gracing numerous magazine covers.


Dawn sees 50+ as “a bonus” and “a beginning”… as “fabulous” and “radiant”!  She poignantly says that some people over 50 “put away their portfolios.”

WHAT?!  Not Dawn.  Not me.  Not YOU!

Dawn may wear a pacemaker.  She may have scars and bruises from surgeries, heart medications and LIFE; but Dawn’s mantra is all about TRYING because she believes that “all of her wonderfuls” haven’t even happened yet.

Watch and learn from Dawn at this link, because I cannot do her words, her beauty, her positiveness, her LIFE justice through just my own humble words.

Now… I have 3 new things to focus on in my life as a newly-turned 60-year old, thanks to Dawn:

1.  Get myself a fabulous red dress
2. Never, ever say, “Why DIDN’T I try?”
3. Look for “all my wonderfuls” to come!

In this “Your Life Calling” segment, correspondent Jane Pauley mentions a rather incredible statistic that in our 50’s, there is, globally, “an uptick in feelings of well-being and satisfaction.”

Dawn feels this.

I feel this.

I know YOU feel this, too… my dear 50+ friends out there!


(Now go get that red dress because YOUR LIFE IS CALLING!)






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  1. 10.18.12

    i need a red dress and I’m not in my 50s but I’ll take the advice!

  2. 10.18.12

    I can’t believe that you don’t already have a red dress because you look so pretty in red. Get out there and get one and then I want to see pictures. You will look fabulous!

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