101 Best Holiday Gifts for Baby

101 Best Holiday Gifts for Baby


It’s not always shopping for a baby.

Sometimes you just don’t know what it going to be the best thing… there is SO much out there!

Since I’ve had 4 babies throughout the last 8 years, I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of 101 Baby Toy Ideas for the Holidays.

There are classics on this list, new trendy things and just basic needs that a baby could use and possibly want.

I always loved to think as shopping for my own babies as trying to find items that they would enjoy. Plain and simple.

Here’s 101 Best Holiday Gifts for Baby:

1) Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether – $18.50– My son Benjamin LOVED his “ja-raff” (as he calls it). He actually still has it. I especially love that it is Phthalates and BPA free.

2) Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse – $16.99– Adorable for the baby in your life! It has sound and lights, perfect for playtime!

3) Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack – $7.99 – Simply a classic. I think we all had one of these as babies!

4) Playskool Explore and Grow Busy Ball Popper – $22.99 – This is meant for a toddler, but this brought so much fun to my older guys, too! Henry got one from Santa one Christmas and he loved, loved, loved it. It brought laughter and together playtime with all my guys!

5) Baby Einstein Octoplush – $15.00 – Super plush and perfect to help your little one learn easy and basic concepts.

6) LeapFrog: Hug & Learn Baby Tad Plush – $35.00 – Tad helped me little guys learn the alphabet. How cute is he? Adorable and a great little buddy for your little one to have.

7) Little Touch LeapPad – $16.99 – For the little digital guru in your life! Start them early!

8) Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light – $23.49 – We got this for the boys when they were little and they loved it. It’s great for them at night to have the stars beaming on the ceiling. Absolutely precious!

9) Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Movers Airplane – $21.99 – Love Little People! Perfect for little hands exploring and playing for the first time!

10) Megabloks 80 Pc Large Classic Bag – $15.00– Love Mega Bolks? Here’s your little one’s first set! Get them in the building mode!

11) Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smilin’ Smart Phone – $12.99 – Oh, yes… a Smart Phone! Your little one will love love love this!

12) Gund 2012 Amazon Collectible Bear – $29.99 – I love GUND. They are the softest and cutest stuffed animals of all!

13) Fisher-Price Classic Farmer Says See N Say – $14.99 – Oh my goodness! This was one of my most favorite toys that the boys had when they were little. Spin it and listen to what it lands on!! Perfect for car rides, too!

14) Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon Red – $69.00 – The perfect way to be transported around town!

15) Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza – $59.99 – This is FABULOUS for the little ones! They will go GA-GA (in a good way!) over this. It’s spectacular!

16) Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car – $49.99 – This is a true classic. Absolutely true classic.

17) Sassy Crib and Floor Mirror – $9.99– Let your little one start seeing their face in the mirror!

18) Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin’ Activity Bugs – $14.99– Every baby needs one of these! Press the button and see what happens! Cause and effect!

19) Rocktivity Music Skool Table – $44.99 – I love love love this Rocktivity set! Get your baby into music NOW! It’s absolutely wonderful because it keeps them playing and having a ton of fun! I HIGHLY suggest!

20) Rocktivity Jump N Jam Guitar – $21.99 – While we’re at it! Jam away on this great little guitar! Your baby’s 1st one!

21) First 100 Soft to Touch Words – $5.99 – Great BOOK for your babies! It’s soft and easy for them to hold. The pages are easy to turn. It’s never to early to get them learning!

22) green sprouts Stacking Cup Set – $5.99 – Great stocking stuffer! Stack away with these cups! Great for little hands. My neighbor’s baby has these, such great quality!

23) Magica Rattle – $16.99– The COOLEST rattle ever! Wooden and connected by an elastic. So fun for your baby to pick up and shake away!

24) Earlyears Baby Farm Friends Bowling – $24.99 – Are you ready for some bowling!? Your little one will love this set. Get them ready for the lanes at home! Tons of playtime with this toy!

25) Manhattan Toy Counting and Sorting Farm – $31.99 – Have some fun learning and counting with animals! Soft and easy to play with! Again, they’re learning while playing! The best kind of FUN!

26) Earlyears Roll n Swirl Ball Ramp – $18.99 – Watch them roll! This is such a fun toy because your baby will see the ball go round and round and round. It never seems to lose its magic!

27) Playskool Poppin’ Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper – $34.99 – A spin on the other popper! The daycare at our local YMCA has this and it’s awesome! My sons love watching the balls pop up. Your little one will be mesmerized and it will keep them moving because they chase after the balls!

28) Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes – $9.99 – Baby Einstein is a brand I trust and I love. This is such a cute little toy for your baby to bring with them when they’re going places! Easy transport!

29) VTech – Move & Crawl Electronic Activity Ball – $24.99– I wish I had had this when my boys were babies! How GREAT is this!? Crawl after this activity ball!!

30) Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper Push Toy – $14.99– Enter at your own risk at this one! The POPPER!! LOTS OF NOISE, but so much FUN!!!

31) Fisher-Price Toddlerz Chatter Telephone – $10.99– Our babies might not know what this kind of phone looks like… LOL! But this is so much fun for them to press and have it ring! OLD SCHOOL! 🙂

32) Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen – $34.99 – Keep this right in your kitchen! Let your little one “cook” with you!

33) Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy – $40.99 – Our boys had one of these for years! Melissa & Doug have the best quality in their toys. This lasted through boy after boy. Makes a TON of noise, but brings lots of smiles.

34) Tiny Love Take-Along Arch, Sunny Stroll – $21.99 – Great way for your little one to move their hands and have some fun!

35) Sassy Ring O’ Links Rattle Developmental Toy – $5.99 – Good old RINGS! A true must-have for a baby!

36) Velvet Santa Infant/Toddler Costume Size Infant – $29.99 – How cute it this Santa suit!? Absolutely ADORABLE!

37) Lamaze Musical Inchworm – $9.99– My niece has this! It’s adorable.

38) Infantino Activity Triangle – $7.95– I love anything that promotes activity and play. This is one of those toys. It’s really fabulous for the little ones!

39) Boon Pod Bath Toy Scoop Frog – $29.99 – This is really for MOM and DAD! I’m telling you, the perfect way to keep bath toys neat and organized.

40) IQ Baby Knock-Knock Blocks – $34.99 – Cloth blocks! We had these forever with the boys. They would stack and build and the best part? Everything was soft! Nobody got hurt.

41) Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers – $6.99 -Bath letters and numbers. Never to early to start some teaching!

42) Babys First Red Plush Santa Hat W/fur Cuff – $6.99 – Every little needs a Santa hat! 🙂

43) Miyim Simply Organic Knit Rattle Teether – $12.99– An organic rattle and chew toy for baby. You know everything goes in their mouth, feel better with this!

44) Eurosled Snow Baby Sled – $29.99– Who says baby can’t enjoy the snow, too!?

45) Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym – $52.99 – Perfect little gym for baby. Let them kick their feet and move their arms! Music plays and it’s totally fun!

46) Lamaze Classic Discovery Book – $3.99– Soft book that latches on to strollers or diaper bag. Wonderful to start reading at an early age with your baby!

47) Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Twinkling Lights Projector Mobile – $54.99 – Love a mobile for a baby! Such a soothing was to fall asleep. Music. Lights. Everything is peaceful.

48) VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight – $24.95 – These are so popular! Your baby’s 1st flashlight!

49) VTech – Spin and Learn Adventure Globe – $24.99 – They won’t have any idea what a globe is, but they’ll have fun spinning it and listening to the sounds. I love bringing educational toys in early.

50) Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube – $14.99– Remember having one of these when you were a kid? This is an iconic toy.

51) Step2 Naturally Playful Big Folding Slide – $29.99– Ahhh… a slide! You can use this indoors and outdoors!!

52) 100% Organic Cotton Stuffed Multi Fruit Tote – $29.99 – Organic toys at their finest. If this is something that’s important to you and your family (it is ours), this is a wonderful toy to introduce them, too!

53) Little Tikes Rocking Horse Blue – $38.98 – What child won’t love a rocking horse. You will need to hold your child while they’re on it, but it’s so much fun and will bring lots of laughter.

54) Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker – $19.99– A walker! I miss having one of these around my house. Great toy for babies because before they’re walking they can be using this, too!

55) Kidoozie Press N Go Inchworm – $24.95 – Our daycare place has one of these and the kids go CRAZY! It’s a ton of fun for them!

56) VTech KidiBeats Drum Set – $35.28 – Your baby’s 1st DRUM SET!

57) Lamaze Play & Grow Stretch the Giraffe Take Along Toy – $14.99 – Great stocking stuffer! I love any toy that can hang from a carseat and allow your baby to be entertained.

58) Lamaze Garden Bug Wrist Rattle & Foot Finder Set – $5.99– Little rattles for your baby! The boys LOVED these as babies! I love watching them discover it’s them making noise!

59) Gund Baby Huggybuddy Tucker, Giraffe – $25.99 – A little hugger for your baby. There’s nothing as soft as GUND. Perfect for sleeptime.

60) Taggies Oodles Owl Cozy Blanket – $27.99 – Tag blanket! I never knew how much babies loved tags until I had kids of my own! It was so cute to see them grip them.

61) Infantino Foot Rattles – $10.99– Rattle booties!!!!!

62) Melissa & Doug Deluxe First Bead Maze – $34.99– My son William LOVED his bead toy when he was a baby! It was something he loved to play with all the time and grew with it. He got better and better as he got older. This became a staple toy for all my sons.

63) Rub a Dub Dub It’s Time For Tub Baby Gift Basket for Boys or Girls – $29.99 – BABY BATH TIME PACKAGE!! Great gift for YOU and BABY!

64) Baby Teether Ball – $5.95 – Teething time? No worries! Great for babies to chew on!

65) Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Bat and Wobble Penguin – $19.99– The CUTEST thing ever! Your baby will love this little toy!

66) Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Press And Crawl Turtle – $14.99– I love this because it inspires crawling. Your baby will want to go after it!

67) Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Singin’ Soccer Ball – $17.99– Are you into soccer? If you are, you will love this toy for your little one!

68) Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother – $42.99 – My sons LOVE fish, this was such a perfect soother for them. Such an added bonus for your nursery.

69) LeapFrog Letter Factory Phonics – $19.99– My sons ALL used to sit in front of the fridge and try to place these magnets in the right place. They start learning sounds early.

70) Brainy Baby Preschool Learning Collection DVDs – $54.99 – One of the best things we ever bought when the boys were babies. Absolutely perfect for them!

71) Baby Einstein Rattle and Teethe, Caterpillar – $4.99 – This teether makes me smile. We had this one. It’s really a great quality one!

72) Lamaze Soft Chime Garden Musical Toy – $19.99– How cute is this bouquet of flowers? Perfect for little ones to play with!

73) The First Years Learning Curve First Keys Teether – $3.95 – Ahhh… keys! I used to love seeing this in my diaper bag for the boys!

74) Little Tikes Baby Tap a Tune Piano – $15.99– Baby’s first little piano!

75) Sassy Developmental Sensory Ball Set – Inspires Touch – $12.95– Sensory balls! Perfect for little hands!

76) Duck Feet Slippers – $9.99– How cute, right? Little duckie slippers!

77) Ty Beanie Baby – Socks the Sock Monkey Brown – $7.99 -Every little one needs a sock monkey!!

78) Baby Aspen My Little Night Owl Hooded Terry Spa Robe – $32.99 -I love this Owl robe! Perfect for girl or boy!

79) Uncle Goose Classic Embossed Alphabet Blocks ABC – $31.95 – Classic wooden blocks!

80) LeapFrog Learn & Groove Counting Maracas – $14.99– MARACAS!!! Perfect for playing!

81) Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Lantern – $14.99– My niece has this and it’s the cutest thing ever! It really is such a great addition for your home and playroom. Perfect for boy or girl!

82) Wonderworld Hexi Twist Squeeze Toy – $10.99– A true fun toy for baby and YOU!

83) Sesame Street Rockin’ Shapes And Colors Elmo – $22.99 – Every little one LOVES ELMO!! Here’s a perfect toy for them!!

84) Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun – Jungle – $111.99 – Gotta love an exersaucer! The JUNGLE theme was always popular with my little guys!! So much fun and so much activity!

85) The First Years Star Teething Blanket – $7.50 – A star teething blanket! SUPER CUTE!

86) The First Years Star Teething Blanket – $7.50 – I want one of these!! GUND Big Bird!! How adorable!!

87) Gund Sesame Street Cookie Monster 12″ Plush – $14.99– How can you not get Cookie Monster, too!? LOVE LOVE LOVE!

88) Fisher-Price Sesame Street Tub Sub – $29.99 – How adorable is this for your tub? Tub time will be a blast with this toy! Lots of fun and splashing!

89) School Bus – $17.99– Sesame Street School Bus! Get ready for a little ride with your friends!

90) Manhattan Toy Put and Peek Doghouse Toy – $32.99 – Another fun toy for kids to play with!! Especially if you’re a dog loving family!

91) Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat Stacker – $31.99 – I love Dr. Suess, so I love seeing toys for BABIES like this!! Absolutely precious!

92) Buggybu Spiral Wrap-A-Bug Activity Toy – $21.99 – Love a toy that looks like it’s fun to play with!!

93) VTech – Rhyme and Discover Book -$18.99– I loved when my boys had these books. These are great for little ones, absolutely precious to have on hand!

94) Tiny Love Follow Activity Toy, Me Fred – $24.99 – Love this little doggy activity toy. I think it’s absolutely adorable! Perfect playtime for a little one who already has a puppy at home!

95) Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover, Whale – $13.99– Goes right over your spout! Your kids will love love love this for bathtime!

96) Tub Tattoos: Clownfish – $5.99 – How great is this idea? Tattoos for the tub shaped like little NEMOS!

97) Fisher-Price Infant To Toddler Swing in Red – $26.99 – Get ready for the SPRING!

98) Disney Plush, Winnie The Pooh – $9.99 – Every little one needs something from Winnie the Pooh! Classic.

99) Go Go Buddies Jazz-a-snail – $22.99 – On the GO snail!! I think this is so perfect for little ones to zoom all over the house! Absolutely love love love!

100) Skip Hop Treetop Friends Animal Ball Trio – $16.99– I love anything that can be used on-the-go! These are perfect! Soft and cuddly and perfect for your baby!

101) Cloud b Sound Machine Soother, Sleep Sheep – $28.00 – Henry had one of these when he was a baby and I loved it. It really was very soothing and very peaceful for him when he was going to sleep at night!

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