101 Holiday Gift Ideas for Boys this Season

101 Holiday Gift Ideas for Boys this Season

I have 4 sons.

William is 8.
Alexander is 7.
Benjamin is 5.
And Henry is 4.

Let’s put it this way, I know boys.

As soon as this time of year starts to roll in, I start to get emails, messages and texts from my fellow boy-mom friends asking me, “What should I get my son(s) for the Holidays?”

I LOVE getting asked this question because I usually have a pretty good handle on what’s hot and what’s not for the holidays when it comes to shopping for boys.

I decided this season to come up with a list of 101 Holiday Gift Ideas for Boys this season.

Are you ready??

101 Holiday Gift Ideas for Boys this Season:

1. Hot Wheels Ballistiks Catapult Assault – $28.99: My sons are OBSESSED with cars, if your son(s) is, they will love this. I actually bought this for their birthdays this Fall and it’s been a HUGE HIT!
2. ScienceWiz / Inventions Kit – $9.99: If you read my blog, you know William loves science ANYTHING!  I bought this for him this past summer and he has really gotten a lot of use out of it. Not to mention, you have to love anything that teaches them while they play!
3. Skylanders Giants Legendary Ignitor , Legendary Slam Bam , Legendary Jet-Vac – $24.99: My sons live, dream and sleep Skylanders.  It’s something they ALL love together.  If your son isn’t into Skylanders yet, I highly recommend you buy him something for the holidays.  It really is a great concept.
4. LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer – $99.99: Learning station. I have always been a HUGE fan of LeapFrog.
5. Crayola Light Designer – $39.99: Our neighbor has this and it’s awesome! I love anything creative-driven.
6. Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game – $11.99: If your child is into Angry Birds, they will love this game. I was reading about this game a few weeks ago and was so intrigued, I bought it.  Last year was a BIG Angry Birds Christmas in my house, so this year the boys are obsessed again!
7. LEGO Walkie Talkies $24.99: Walkie Talkies are always fun, fun, fun! My sons love hiding around the house with them.
8. VTech Switch & Go Dinos – Attila the Ankylosaurus Dinosaur – $24.99: These are such a HOT gift this Holiday season.  We played with one at Toys R Us a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was absolutely AWESOMENESS.
9. Classic Etch A Sketch Magic Screen – $4.99:  A classic. Period.
Spy Gear Night Sight – $29.59 :What boy doesn’t love being a “spy” for an afternoon!?
Furby – $68.99 (in blue): You’ve probably heard about Furby’s. They are so cute, so adorable and perfect for your little guys. I love that they are small and can be transported places. My sons are always asking to bring things with them in the car. Furby is PERFECTION!
Snap Circuits SC-300 for young scientists – $39.99: We got this for William and Alexander last Christmas and they were in awe! My husband even loved it. This Christmas Ben and Henry have asked for it. It’s great for some science play. You actually put together circuits. It’s totally cool!
32 Piece Crayola Glow Board 3-D Explosion Set by Crayola – $11.99: Again, I love anything creative. My sons are big into drawing and creating, so I love to find some new Crayola products that they don’t have yet. It’s fun for them and fun for their friends!
LEGO 2012 City Advent Calendar – $29.99: LEGO is always a homerun. I love, love, love this for the holidays. Absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to open this up, I just bought it this past weekend for the boys as a special treat!
Fisher-Price Disney’s Jake and The Never Land Pirates – Jake’s Musical Pirate Ship Bucky – $39.99: Jake! Jake! Jake! Everyone loves Jake! I have a feeling ALL of my sons are going to go ga-ga over this one!
Qwirkle Board Game – $17.99: Saw my nephew playing this at his house a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of it, so glad to know what it is now! Such a cool game, your kids will really love this!
Angry Birds Star Wars Fighter Pods Jenga Death Star – $29.99: Well… a boy’s dream (at least my sons’!). Angry Birds and Star Wars together. You can’t go wrong with this gift for the holidays.
Angry Birds Star Wars 5″ Plush – Darth Vader – $14.99: Again, Angry Birds and Star Wars, this is for Henry. I already bought and have hidden for Christmas morning!
HedBanz Game – $8.99: One of my personal favorite games. As my sons have gotten older, this has gotten more and more fun. If you don’t have it, you need it!
Hasbro Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber – $10.99: Every little boy needs a lightsaber. And this is from a non-Star Wars fan!
Fortune Cookie Maker – $49.99: One of my son’s friends has this and it’s all my son Ben has been asking for. I asked the mother what she thought of it and she RAVED about it. I thought it was different and very cool. This is another thing I’ve already bought for the holidays!
Set of 3 Music 1. Clarinet 2. Saxophone 3. Trumpet, Combo – $29.99: I’m a BIG fan of bringing music into your home with your kids. I saw this set and I jumped at it. Perfect for little musicians.
Avengers Gamma Green Hulk Smash Fist Combo – $19.99: Avengers is HUGE right now. I thought this was a cool new twist on the Hulk hands. Very cool, my sons will ALL be getting these from Santa!
Disney Exclusive Marvel 7Pack The Avengers Figurine Playset – $28.99: My sons Ben and Henry love figurines, I saw these available for the Avengers and thought these would be GREAT to add to their collections.
Thor Lightning Hammer – $27.99: I mean, really… this is a total BOY TOY. It’s soft, so NO getting hurt.
Geospace Jump Rocket Deluxe Set with Adjustable Launcher, Target and 3+3 Rockets – $23.99: I thought this was perfect for the little adventurer in your house! How cute is this!?
Hot Wheels 20 Car Gift Pack – $21.99: CARS!! What little boy isn’t going to love a 20 pack of Hot Wheels cars? My sons would spend hours racing them around my kitchen floor.
Lionel Polar Express Train Set – G-Gauge – $100.00: My husband always says, “Every kid needs a train set.” This is an expensive one, but one that’s really worth it. Every year my husband puts out our train set.
LEGO Creationary Game – $34.99: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING GAME. You need this in your home! So much fun!
Fisher-Price Wheelies Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park – $34.99: Perfect for my little Henry. I saw this and really feel in love with it because I know this is the kind of toy Henry will play with for hours at a time!
Spectacular Magic Show with Performance Table – $31.00: I remember having a magic set when I was a little girl, it made me sad that I have never bought one for my sons. Well, this Christmas they do have one. I thought this would be perfect for little guys. Let them do their own magic tricks!
Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle – $52.99: We have this in our playroom and the boys go crazy. I”m a HUGE Imaginext fan, and I love adding on to their products. You’ll see the BatCave soon on this list, too. These toys are SO WELL MADE!
33. LEGO Space Shuttle – $29.99:My son Alexander has been wanting this since his birthday. As much as I don’t like when they don’t put their LEGOS away, I will say… I love seeing them play with LEGOS. They play for hours together and I love it. It’s great to see them start and finish.
34. Air Hogs – Hover Assault – $39.99:This is a toy boys go crazy over! LOL… we have had them and my boys love it. If you’re looking for a total boy gift, this is it.
Playhut Jake and the Neverland Pirates – Bucky Play Structure – $35.99: I thought this was perfect for little ones. Great way for them to play and have some fun indoors with each other.
Spot It – $13.99: One of those games my son played at a playdate, came home asking for me to buy him. He’s getting it for Christmas this year. It’s a really cute game, one that everyone can play.
Pillow Pets Dream Lites – $27.99: I blame CVS for this one! CVS has these in their stores and every time we’re there the boys BEG for them. It’s a cute twist to a nightlight.
Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave – $44.99: Here it is! The infamous BatCave.  A perfect add-on to the Imaginext playsets. I say get ALL of them.
Multi Voice Changer by Toysmith – $14.99: Just some really cool FUN playtime.
Uncle Milton Moon In My Room – $29.99: A very awesome way to fall asleep every night. Love this from Uncle Milton.
Uno Card Game – $9.99: Ahhh… UNO. Every family needs this in their home. Great stocking stuffer!
Trouble Board Game – $16.99: I used to play Trouble all the time when I was a kid, I love this game! So happy to have it on the shelf in my home!
Magic 8 Ball – $9.99: Boys love this, too! My sons love asking funny and random questions. This is great conversation and laugh-time!
No Stress Chess – $17.99: Get your kids into Chess! This is a wonderful strategy game and you will be happy you made the small investment.
Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster – $24.99: NERF is HUGE in my house. We have this blaster, if you’re stuck on one to get, I recommend this one. We have 4 of them in the house. Oh, yes… 4.
Kid Galaxy RC Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars – $39.99: Really cool for boys to play with, I love that they can play indoors and outdoors. I let my guys zoom around my living room and kitchen floor with ours.
Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Night Goggles – $19.99: Spy Goggles. Enough said.
Franklin Sports NHL® Indoor Sport 2 In 1 Set – $29.99: Sports fanatics? This a great way to have some indoor play in the winter in the house. Really cool and very well made.
STAR WARS Fighter Pod 16 Figure pack – $24.99: Just what Henry loves. I added this in because this is such a great gift for a little boy. They get everyone!
Avengers Masks Child Accessory – $3.89: Girls dress up and so can the BOYS!!
K’NEX 521 Piece Value Tub – $24.99: Lots of building play with this one! If you have builders, you need this!
STAR WARS Fighter Pod 16 Figure pack – $24.99: Star Wars fans? This is the perfect little pack that you need. My Ben and Henry each have one and LOVE.
Operation – $18.99: One of my faves as a kid! I knew my guys needed one!
Wow Wee Paper Jamz Guitar – $14.99: Great fun for a little music fan!!
NERF Vortex Praxis – $29.99: OK, this is the BIG one for the boys in your house. I love this because it’s not darts, it’s balls. They’re bigger and don’t get lost like darts sometimes do!
Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark – $39.99: I am in LOVE with this, it’s so cool! They have a Nemo fish, too. How cool is this? I have a feeling this is going to get more and more popular!!
Kid Galaxy Morphibians Killer Whale – $29.99: Love toys like this, easy for kids to play with and will keep them busy!
Hot Wheels RC Ford Vs Chevy Slot Car Set – $34.99: A great car set for a little guy!
Bounceback RC Racer – $29.99: We’ve had these for years, a really cool toy for little boys. They can bang on anything and nothing gets scratched!
Melissa & Doug Solar System 48 pcs Floor Puzzle – $22.99: VERY cool floor puzzle!
Rubik’s Cube -$12.99: An oldie, but a goodie!
Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem Trackset – $44.99: My sons saw this at my nephew’s and went crazy for it! It’s a very cool track set to have!
Iron Man 2 3-in-1 Repulsor – $23.15: More role playing!! Ironman fans? They’ll love this!
64. Battleship – $19.99: My sons have battles with this game, it’s awesome!
K’NEX Revving Racers 10 Model Set – $11.99: Love model sets that my sons have to actually work at, such a great way to keep them learning, playing and moving!
Original Slinky – $6.34: Remember these? If you have stairs, you need one!
4M Volcano Making Kit – $9.99: How cool is this? Make your own volcanos!
Spider Man Mega Blast Web Shooter – $24.99: Web shooter!! Hello!! Spiderman fans, this is the BOMB!!
Tangle Creations Tangle Relax Therapy – $8.99: Pass time on the couch with this one!!
Transformers Rescue Bot Optimus Prime – $14.99: This was a HUGE hit last year, and my sons STILL talk about it, so worth the small investment!
Don’t Break the Ice – $11.99: LOVE this game! Lots of fun battles!
Hexbug Original – $12.99: Still a hit! A great stocking stuffer!
Power Rangers Deluxe Battle Gear – Bullzooka – $24.99: LOVE LOVE LOVE! We’re BIG Power Rangers fans!!
Mega Bloks Skylanders Troll Mech Ambush – $19.99: SKYLANDERS. Again, enough said.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nickelodeon 2012 Secret Sewer Lair Playset – $229.99: This is a HUGE gift for my sons for Christmas. It’s already been bought and hidden. How cool is this!?
Y-volution Yfliker F1 Scooter – $92.99: An amazing scooter!
KNEX Atomic Coaster – $52.99: HOW COOL IS THIS COASTER!!??? VERY COOL!!! I love this!!!!!
MEEP! Kid’s Android Tablet – $129.99: Love this little tablet for little kids. A great one!
Playmobil E-Rangers’ Headquarters – $29.99: Love this little headquarters for kids. Playmobil is such a great brand and I love adding these toys into my boys’ life.
Bop It! Smash – $22.99: William got this for his birthday and he loves it! ALL the boys play with it, it’s very cool!
Marky Sparky Doinkit Darts – $26.99: Darts for boys. A little edgy, but very BOY-ish.
Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey – $70.99: LOVING this air hockey game. GREAT price, too!!
Play-Doh Mega Compound – $24.99: This would be a DREAM come true for my guys!!!!! Every kid loves play-doh!
Vtech – Kidizoom Spin & Smile Digital Camera – $59.99: How cute is this camera!!!??? My sons love a camera and need one for their little friends and fun things that we do, I love this Vtech one.
Explorer Globe – $39.99: Always a good item to have in your home for your kids.
Space Theater Planetarium – $29.99: If you’re sons are into space and stars, they will love this for their rooms and playroom.
My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope – $62.50: We just bought one for the boys for Christmas, I love this because it’s a great way for them to have some science FUN!
Crystal Mining Kit – $12.99: Crystal Kits!! Love these!! So different and so extra-ordinary!
Primary Science Set – $29.99: MORE fun with science! This is a wonderful set for your boys. It’s great for the ages for 6-10 I would say.
Imperial Toy Zooma Splat X Smack Shot – $14.99: OK, this is a total boy thing… I know… and needs to be monitored, but my guys would have a ton of fun with this little baby!
YBIKE Extreme Balance Bike – $73.99: Another awesome add-on for your sons. Perfect bike to get them and keep them moving.
Perplexus Maze Game – $19.99: Always a fun game for kids. We had an event where we gave these away for prizes to the attendees… people LOVED them!
Power Wheels Dune Racer – $299.99: A duo gift! If you’re looking for a big ticket item, this is a great choice!
Angry Birds Indoor and Outdoor 3D Action Game – $29.99: Angry Birds again! I love this because it really can be played indoors and outdoors!
The Amazing Motorized Web Shooting Spider-Man Figure – $24.99: A different Spiderman toy that my sons don’t have (yet). I thought this is a really cool item for the holidays at a perfect price point.
Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks – $62.99: BLOCKS. BLOCKS. AND more BLOCKS. I love what my sons build with blocks, for me… it’s the best. Keeps them thinking and moving and playing!
Hot Wheels Team Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare Track Set – $22.99: DOUBLE DARE… need I say more? This is a VERY cool track set… even I was impressed when my husband and sons set it up!
Ball Bounce and Sport Ultimate Spiderman Hopper – $12.99: I’m telling you, if your boys are into superheros, you need to stock up on items like this!!
Hot Wheels Ballistiks Combat Cannon Launcher – $25.99: HOT WHEELS AWESOMENESS!
Cards Against Humanity – $26.75: My son William has been asking for this, and I’ll tell you what – I’ve done all the research and it seems reallt cool!
Fisher-Price Imaginext Good vs Bad Knights – $15.99: Again, Imaginext just does it right. Perfect little guys for your boys to play with!

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    Many of these would be great gifts for girls, too. 🙂

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    Terri said:

    I’m a big fan of the PLay-doh compound. And I would actually buy it for boys and girls of all ages. I actually carry Play-doh in my purse because I feel like you can’t stay down for too long if you find its gooey delight in your bag. It’s definitely something to kids and adults to enjoy.

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