Alex and Ani Holiday Collection

I’ve talked about my love of Alex and Ani quite a bit lately… what can I say, when I find something I love, I have to share it!

Alex and Ani just launched their Holiday Collection and it’s gorgeous and (just) perfect for gifts (and for you, too!) throughout the season!

So what amazing-ness are Alex and Ani bringing during the giving season?

1) Crystal Color Therapy
Based on the seven chakras, or spiritual centers, of the body, Color Therapy emphasizes the idea that each chakra is associated with a specific color that affects each system of the body in a particular way. Utilize the power of these hues to balance your energy and apply bright vibrations to yourself mind, body, and soul.
Look at how beautiful the earrings are…

2) Crystal Rendezvous
Impulsive | Affectionate | Joyous
A spontaneous getaway from the ordinary, Crystal Rendezvous is a fusion of festivity, warmth, and romance. Escape the holiday rush and embrace the charmed ambiance of a crystalline rendezvous.

Look at how spectacular one of the bangles are (meaning Excitement | Unity | Fate)…

3) Holy Ones
Guidance | Enlightenment | Divinity
Each saint cultivates a special connection to a piece of our soul. With a positively inspirational intention, the Holy Ones Collection connects the wearer to a higher love, reminding us of the power of faith and that we are all guided by a higher, divine power.

These are very special to me, and I just think they are inspirational and powerful.

4) Horizontal Expandables
7 beauties to check out…

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