HUNT’S Recipes for a Newlywed, from a Real Cook Mother-in-Law!

You know recipes are good when they’re shared by your mother-in-law!

I’ve written about my late Mom-in-law, Flo, many, many times.  I’ve shared Flo’s love of family, of cooking, of cooking for her family.  Food was always Flo’s greatest gift, her most personal expression of love.

I came into Flo’s family, decades ago, through her wonderful son, Barry.  I still remember, vividly, the first time I stepped into Flo’s domain – her kitchen.  Flo had a small, but completely organized kitchen, stacked and stashed and pantry-stored with everything imaginable (especially canned tomato products) for a quick meal for 2, or 22… or for a party of 102.

Flo kept a pretty good eye on me that first evening as I assisted her in her domain as she whipped up a huge platter of chourico and peppers in tomato sauce.  I didn’t even know what chourico was back then!  Ah.  I would not only go on to marry Flo’s son, but also learn all about chourico and cooking from my Portuguese Mom-in-law.


Fast forward about a year from Barry’s and my wedding day back in 1976.  Remember what I said about Flo’s greatest gifts were her gifts of food?  Well, Flo wanted her son to be well-fed from his newlywed wife’s kitchen, and one day Flo arrived with a little gift for me…

… a little booklet filled with a collection of 20 incredibly easy recipes for 20 delectable dishes from around the world; and I mean around the world, from France to Mexico, Italy to Africa, India to Germany and more, all cutting out “fussy, busy-work steps” to provide flavorful, easy (did I mention easy?), home-cooked meals fit for a king… ahem… and a son!

Flo had sent away to HUNT’S for this 20 Foreign Accent Dinners Recipe Booklet; a recipe collection that put me on the cooker’s map.  Seriously.  On The Map.  Flo also came with cooking hints; hints like substituting tomato paste with tomato sauce, keeping my pantry stored (especially with canned tomato products) for a quick dinner for 2, or 22, or a party for 1o2, and using Hunt’s because Flo trusted its flavor, its reliability and its goodness.

Hunt’s 20 Foreign Accent Dinners Recipe Booklet has become a beloved staple in my kitchen since the 1970’s and I still use it, always reminding me of my Mom-in-law Flo and her love for me… and her great love, great gifts and great personal expression of love through her cookin’.  And I’ve even become a Flo-certified Portuguese cook with my chourico and peppers in tomato sauce and this Portuguese Boatman’s Stew recipe from my little Hunt’s booklet of goodness…

There’s a wonderful  Hunt’s Signature Recipe Collection of goodness going on right now; recipes I’m using – recipes that Flo would love – recipes that not only make her son, Barry, happy, but also the 9 grandchildren that Barry and I now have!

Can you imagine?  I’m still using the old and the new Hunt’s recipes for my family of now 19 and loving every meal of it!


Disclosure:  This is a compensated campaign with Hunt’s.  All opinions are 100% my own.  


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