Day 6 of 31 Days of Poems for Kids – Teach your kids a poem in less than 2 minutes today and love every second of it

How to teach a poem to kids in less than 2 minutes and love every second of it…

Poetry is sometimes described as the musical genre because the words of a poem seem to sing and travel through time and space. Poetry gives us the feeling that people are the same from generation to generation, continent to continent and mornings to evenings for as long as people have lived.

Today we’ll be taking an EVENING stroll with Sappho, an Ancient Greek poet who was born around 630 BC and died around 570 BC. Sappho tells us how she sees EVENING settle, and you’ll see that her vision is much the same as we see EVENING settle all these centuries later…

EVENING by Sappho

Children astray to their mothers, and goats to the herd,
Sheep to the shepherd, through twilight the wings of the bird,
All things that morning has scattered with fingers of gold,
All things thou bringest, O Evening! at last to the fold.

Read the poem with your children. It is a particularly nice poem for a bedtime read.

The poem itself is enough to just enjoy.  Ahhhh. But if you choose to do more…

The poem does have a musical sense; note the rhyming couplets herd/bird and gold/fold (2 lines that rhyme and have the same meter). There is a soft lullaby rhythm to the words and the rhymes.

Talk with your children about evening.

What are the colors of evening? What are the sounds of evening? What is the feeling of evening? Is it togetherness? Home? Safety? Waiting for someone or something special?

In the poem, who returns when evening settles? Can you see and hear the children return to their mother? Can you see and hear the goats return to the herd? How about the sheep returning to the shepherd? Can you hear the sounds of the birds’ wings? What is the meaning of the word “twilight” (the soft light of the sun below the horizon)? Is “twilight” the magic time of return for all creatures?

Poet Sappho writes about morning in the 3rd line of her poem… how morning scatters with fingers of gold. What are the fingers of gold? The sun’s rays? Ask you children to think about morning time in your home. Do your family members scatter with the fingers of gold? Where does everyone go?

What happens in your home as evening settles? Do family members return? Do animals settle? Can you hear the birds’ wings as they fly at twilight? What is the meaning of the word “fold” (a group)? Does Evening seem to bring everyone and everything back?

Have things changed much since Sappho wrote her poem in Ancient Greece? Answer: probably not!

Enjoy sharing this lovely poem with your children… the words in it, the feeling of it and the music to it.  Why not capture a photo or two of your “evening”?

From my home office window, I captured “through twilight the wings of the bird”!

READING & LEARNING are all about the WORDS – Written, Spoken & Felt.

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  1. 1.21.13

    I love your series of poems Sharon – keep em coming!

  2. 1.21.13

    This is fantastic! My 6yo is starting to get into reading comprehension and poems I’m sure would be a nice addition to the stories he’s learning in school. Thanks so much for sharing, Sharon!

  3. 1.21.13

    My kids get read to every night and they love when we read them poems. They’re big fans of Shel Silverstein.

  4. 1.21.13

    Teaching poetry was one of my favorite things to do as a teacher! I need to share my love of poetry with my kids too! Thanks for sharing and for the reminder!

  5. 1.21.13

    I love this poem! What a great way to help my children transition from the chaos of the day to a peaceful place of rest. I will definitely share it with them tonight!

  6. 1.21.13

    What a beautiful exercise! I love this and the “fingers of gold” image in the Sappho poem, what a lovely idea to teach the kids to appreciate poetry, we have never made it past Shel Silverstein, (who we love).

  7. 1.22.13

    Great poem and a wonderful idea to do with the little ones.

  8. 1.22.13

    I will read this tonight with my son. His idea of poetry is Dr. Seuss!

  9. 1.22.13

    I LOVE LOVE this! I will share this with my readers!

  10. 1.22.13

    Poetry was my outlet as a kid. Love this series!

  11. 1.22.13
    Joanna said:

    Great post! I’m going to read this to my 3 year old, he loves books so it is time to start introducing him to poetry. Thanks for sharing Sharon!

  12. 1.22.13
    mel said:

    Love this. Poetry was my absolute favorite thing to do growing up!

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