New Robitussin® COUGHCAST™ Tool Helps You Prepare for Coughs, Colds and the Flu

New Robitussin®  COUGHCAST™ Tool Helps You Prepare for Coughs, Colds and the Flu

It’s that time of year – coughing, colds and flu season.

It’s not pretty, not pretty at all.

My husband has been hit with the flu this year already, as have 2 of my sons.  The coughing, the fevers, the sneezing, the sore throats… they’ve had it all.

It’s crazy, but the U.S. has experienced its earliest flu season in nearly 10 years this year.  With only a few months into the cold and flu season, nearly 30.2 million U.S. adults have reported cold and flu symptoms and more than 31 million have suffered from cough.  It’s safe to say that the McClelland family rolls under those stats.  I do whatever I can to prevent colds and flus from entering our house, but it’s not easy.  It’s tricky because most adults can spread cold and flu symptoms a day BEFORE showing any signs of being ill.  Coughing is one of the primary symptoms of getting a cold or the flu, so be on the lookout!

To keep your ready and informed, the makers of Robitussin® have introduced Robitussin® COUGHCAST™.  This is absolutely genius! This new interactive tool, available at, allows people to track cough activity in their local area so they can be prepared to effectively treat their symptoms and avoid missing workdays, school functions and social gatherings.

It’s super easy to use, all you do is input the area you’re concerned about and you’ll automatically get your findings.

I live in Providence, RI, so I immediately searched my area, this is what came up for me:

I love that it’s laid out in different categories: Normal, Low, Moderate, High and Very High.  It makes it very easy and comforting to know exactly what kinds of reports are going on in your area. I have to be honest, I hate seeing that my area is under “High” right now. But at least it’s not Very High.

COUGHCAST™ really does help consumers prepare for and manage symptoms as the season approaches peak weeks of respiratory activity, it can be a scary time, and being armed with information can help dramatically.

It’s helpful to have Robitussin take the lead in helping consumers get prepared. They are the #1 doctor recommended adult cough medicine brand and have reliably treated cough, cold and flu symptoms through a variety of different formulations. It’s great to know that if coughs, colds or the flu hits, you’ll know what to arm your body with accordingly.  With multiple formulations, there’s something for everyone.

Cold and Flu Fast Facts

  • On average, there are more than one billion cases of the common cold. Most adults are likely to have a common cold two to four times a year and up to 50 percent of people suffering from a cold will have a cough.
  • The flu is one if the main contributors to cough and it is estimated that between five and twenty percent of the population will get the flu.   Most experts think that flu viruses are primarily spread through coughing, sneezing or talking. People with flu can spread it to others up to six feet away.
  • A non-prescription cough medicine with an expectorant and cough suppressant, such as certain Robitussin® products, will help by keeping the mucus secretions easily expelled while the cough suppressant helps get coughs under greater control.

For more information on Robitussin and its products, visit

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