What a difference a year makes in the life and love of a puppy

What a difference a year makes in the life and love of a puppy…

One year ago today, I met this little guy, Jethro…

Jethro and me one year ago today. It was LOVE at first sight!

At the time, my daughter Jane and her then-fiance Brian were planning their July wedding, had just purchased and were renovating a 2-family home, and already had 2 beautiful snuggle-pup girl doggies, Ryder and Tansy.  But Jane and Brian have big hearts that go out to rescue dogs, and they felt the need and great love for one more.

Well, Jane and Brian had their beautiful wedding in July ’12, their home is a cozy, comfy oasis, their 2 little girls Ryder and Tansy are still snuggle-pups, and months, weeks, days and moments have passed since Jethro entered all of our lives.

This morning, one year from meeting Jethro, here we are…

Jethro and me… one year, a giant growth spurt and a billion hugs later!

What a difference a year makes… especially in the LOVE department!


Brian, Jane, Ryder, Tansy, Jethro – Christmas 2012


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  1. 1.9.13
    Marcella said:

    Dogs are the best !!

  2. 1.10.13
    Jane said:

    I can’t believe how much our little puppy has grown in a year! Jethro loves you so much!!

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