I’m goin’ sledding! (Bringing back childhood!)

Bringing back childhood…

There was this little thing called Blizzard Nemo that showed up last Friday, February 8, 2013.

And Saturday.

And if you count no power, into Sunday, too.

But Sunday showed up with the sun… a sun that created sparkly diamonds in the white winter wonderland.  Sunday reminded me of my childhood years (ages 8-12), when I lived in New Hampshire, where after a snowfall, me and all the kids in my neighborhood grabbed our sleds and toboggans and headed to “the pit.”  The pit was a steep hill that sailed us steeply down, and when the snow was all packed and perfect, right across a snowy field and, if we were really lucky, to the small frozen pond and beyond.

I think sledding may just be the happiest memories of my childhood.  The swishing sounds of sleds.  The laughter.  The white, white landscape.  The blue skies of after-snow.  The diamond sparkles.  The acrobatics of creative sledding… hooked together like trains, 2/3/4/5-kid piles-ups, laying/sitting/kneeling and yes, even standing (yikes!).  Races, crashes, face plants.  You name it.  It happened.

SO.  When I heard that my son-in-law Matthew had built a slalom/luge style backyard masterpiece, complete with night lighting, for my 4 grandsons and anyone else who dared, I just had to get my sledding on.  Bringing back childhood!

And so it goes in the snow….

8-year old William
7-year old Alex
5-year old Ben
4-year old Henry
Daddy/Matthew heading down the slopes for some grooming duty!
Mommy/Audrey, expecting Baby #5, is taking this sledding winter off… snapping photos instead!

And childhood memories-in-the-making…

Pop-up giving a mighty big push-off!

And now for some new memories, this time as a Grandma!

Double “Whoa!”

Yes, even face plants.

The sights, the sounds, the laughter, the diamond sparkles under a blue, sunny sky and some crazy acrobatics.

Exactly as I remember!







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  1. 2.12.13
    candice said:

    What an enormous amount of fun! I think mother nature gives us there weather events to create memories that last generations.

  2. 2.12.13
    Sheri said:

    Your words really paint a picture. Love it! So did Grandma Sharon partake in night sledding too?

  3. 2.12.13
    Kirsten said:

    I took Sydney to Columban Fathers in Bristol on Sunday and was so tired hiking from the car to the hill that I was perfectly happy to sit on the sled with her and ride it down. Of course, we both could have used a ride back up! It was a glorious day! 😉

  4. 2.13.13

    OMG What a perfect spot for sledding! We never made it sledding but my girls were content to just throw themselves in snow for an hour or so. Love to watch how much joy it brings them!

  5. 2.13.13
    Jodi said:

    How wonderful to make fun memories with your grandsons sledding! I bet they will never forget that day 🙂 I had to take this year off too with #3 on the way but I can’t wait to get back on a sled next year after reading your post!

  6. 2.13.13
    jen said:

    Matt is a gem. I love that he made that for everyone! And what a perfect yard for it. Looks like you all had a blast. 🙂

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