Best Green Toy Products of 2013

I’m asked ALL the time from moms and dads to recommend some really great Green Toy Products.

Truthfully, I know a few of them, but I’m not an expert in this are – so I turn to others who are experts in this area.

Well… Dr. Toy just announced the Best Green Toys for 2013 and I was VERY anxious to share with my readers!

For the seventh year Stevanne Auerbach, PhD/Dr. Toy, recognizes the Best Green Toy and Children’s Products and the Best Green Toy Company. Dr Toy brings attention to the excellent innovative products and companies that are working toward making an important difference in playthings while reducing the impact of production.

The award winning Green Products are made by companies striving to inspire children to appreciate the environment and help them learn to take better care of our natural resources. These companies are making products to teach children more about our planet and producing playthings that are based on Green Principles. These are excellent examples of playthings that are made safely, are healthy to use, and have plenty of other special play and learning values.

Here is the BEST of the BEST list:

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