Best of Beauty: Memorial Day Getaway – Pantene Provides Beauty On The Go!

Best of Beauty: Memorial Day Getaway – Pantene Provides Beauty On The Go!

It’s best of beauty Tuesday!!

I thought this BEAUTY GIVEAWAY would be fun for the day!

Are you traveling at all Memorial Day weekend by air?  I just traveled in March and I didn’t want to check my bags, so I literally didn’t buy any shampoo or conditioner until I got to Chicago because my Pantene products I have at home wouldn’t fit in my bag without getting taken out.

Well… I don’t have to worry about that anymore!

Packing beauty products into your carry-on for a Memorial Day getaway is no easy feat.  I know we’ve all been there – desperately trying to convince airport security to not throw out your favorite 5 ounce perfume (I had ro say good-bye to my fave Cashmere Mist). What are we supposed to do when we are forced to make desperate decisions that leave our beloved beauty products somewhere in Terminal A?

Fear not travel-ista! Pantene Pro-V offers travel sized solutions in the Daily Moisture Renewal Collection, which will keep your locks gorgeous from take-off to landing.

I’m offering 10 of my readers a Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner set in a very travel (and TSA) friendly size!

Just leave me a comment telling me where you’re going or where you want to go this summer!

I’ll pick 10 winners on Monday, May 20th!!

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  1. 5.14.13
    sandy said:

    Iwant to hit the beach

  2. 5.14.13
    Carolyn Barnett said:

    I want to go to the mountains of South East Kentucky!

  3. 5.14.13
    Tammy Sigond said:

    spending the summer at our house at the lake…Oneida Lake in upstate NY

  4. 5.14.13
    Phylicia Phillips said:

    My sister in law is visiting and then we’re taking a road trip home 8 hours away (we’re military) for my baby shower.. 🙂 excited to see family again!

  5. 5.14.13
    Desiree S. said:

    Thank you for this giveaway! I will need it for when I give birth at the hospital this winter! 😀

  6. 5.14.13
    Linda S. said:

    Going to Italy to visit family.

  7. 5.14.13
    Karen said:

    I didn’t want to travel pregnant, so we aren’t going anywhere this year, but I would have LOVED to hit up a beach in the carribean this year. There is just something so healing about a white sandy beach!

  8. 5.14.13
    deanna hanson said:

    at the beach by my house

  9. 5.14.13
    Josephine said:

    I’m going to Germany to visit my family

  10. 5.14.13
    Lisa M said:

    Going to go on a road trip to see a few historical sites with my son and hubby

  11. 5.14.13
    Lynn said:

    I am going to Sea World San Antonio!

  12. 5.14.13
    SHannon S. said:

    Going to Lake George

  13. 5.14.13
    anissa (an) gooch said:

    Hi there! We are going to the beach for a couple of weekends and seeing our best friends in Charleston SC. Hope you have a great safe summer!

  14. 5.14.13
    beth titus said:

    I would love to take a trip to the smokey mountains

  15. 5.14.13
    @mommy3sons said:

    I’m going to the beach just haven’t decided if it is going to be in Florida, North Carolina or South Carolina.

  16. 5.14.13
    Valerie G said:

    Just got back from my vacation in Punta Cana…but planning some weekend trips for the summer still for sure!

  17. 5.14.13
    Lisa L said:

    I going camping at the beach this summer. Can’t wait!

  18. 5.14.13
    Anna said:

    Traveling w/ the hubby and our 4yr old son to Grandma’s in Upstate (New Haven, CT) and then Granpa’s in Queens NY, and finally (mother-in-laws) other Grandma in Manhattan. We will be exhausted! I need a REAL VACATION! 🙂

  19. 5.14.13
    Lori Hansen said:

    I’m going home to Iuka Mississippi to visit my parents with my 3 year old Piper.

  20. 5.14.13
    Catarina said:

    Taking family road trips, have one already booked for New Hampshire.

  21. 5.15.13
    anne said:

    I’ll be visiting San Diego for the first time this summer! Very excited.

  22. 5.15.13
    Stephen A said:

    This is for my daughter who is traveling to Nebraska for a high school conference. This would be great for her.

  23. 5.15.13
    Kelly Elswick said:

    Going to the beach! Love the water!

  24. 5.15.13
    tara b. said:

    i so wanted to take my kids (4 of them aged 16, 14, 13 & 12) to the beach this year because they have never been….but once again it’s not gonna work out 🙁

  25. 5.15.13
    Angela A said:

    I will be going to Tennis tournaments out of state and all around my own state! Fun and intensity awaits.

  26. 5.15.13
    anne hill said:

    i want to go visit cape cod!

  27. 5.17.13
    Amy Orvin said:

    I want to go to Sea World.

  28. 5.17.13
    Rhonda Grisham said:

    O sooo want to hit PCB this year! (not sure I’ll make it though) 🙂

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