Women’s Casual Blazers

Happy Friday everyone! Today I’m talking Women’s Casual Blazers! I’m obsessed with blazers because you can really wear them just about anywhere. You can dress them up. You can dress them down. You can wear cute tops underneath. They’re just a great staple item that every woman should have. The best kind? Women’s Casual Blazers because you can have a ton of fun with them.

Women’s Casual Blazers

Looking for a cool fashion trend as we slowly curve into the spring?  BLAZERS. I love them because you can wear them with jeans and skirts and trousers and even (yes!!) shorts! You need to find a blazer that fits you perfectly, so you really should try them on in a store – don’t just buy online.

Rules for Buying Women’s Casual Blazers

These are my fashion rules for buying Women’s Casual Blazers for yourself. I just said above – you don’t want to buy a random one that doesn’t fit. Why waste money, right? I want this list to help you out when you’re thinking of trying to find ways to the perfect one.

– Make sure it fits you properly

– Make sure you can layer underneath

– Make sure the cleaning instructions work for you

– Make sure it works with your wardrobe

Trends for Women’s Casual Blazers

Right now all the rage is COLOR! That’s right – bright and big and bold!! Not just ANY blazers… bright and bold ones. I’m giving my black and navy blazers a rest right now and I’m shaking it up a bit with some brighter and bolder styles. I recently just bought myself a few new ones that will POP in my closet.

Here are 6 blazers I’m totally crushing on right now…

Women's Casual Blazers

I love the neons. I love the pops of color. I love that I can wear these blazers with just a white tee and jeans and have an instant fashion-forward and trendy look! One place to buy: TJMaxx.

I love it!

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