Troy Polamalu Head & Shoulders Surprise Troops with Tickets to the Super Bowl

My husband is from Pittsburgh, which means… he’s a Steelers fan. He was born one, it’s in his blood. Even though we live in New England, our 4 sons have take after their father and are ALL Steelers fans. They literally bleed black and gold. As for me? I love seeing my boys all rooting for the same team, it’s special to me. They are obsessed with the partnership between Troy Polamalu Head & Shoulders!

Troy Polamalu Head & Shoulders

Most of all, I LOVE seeing some of their favorite Steelers’ doing amazing things, like Troy Polamalu Head & Shoulders. My sons LOVE Troy and they even think they saw him when we were in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving this past November. They think he’s an exceptional player, but I’m also just blown away by how many good deeds he does. He really is an EXCEPTIONAL player and man.

Recently Troy Polamalu Head & Shoulders (he’s one of their spokespeople) surprised troops with (2) tickets to the Super Bowl.

Pretty amazing, right?

Check out the lucky guy who gets to go!!

Love seeing the cool things Troy Polamalu and Head & Shoulders do! I can’t get over how amazing this is! It really is something amazing to see an athlete do such good. You really begin to fall in love with the guy on the field for the good things he does. It makes it that much more of a special connection and I love it!

Troy Polamalu Head & ShouldersHe’s just pretty awesome and I’m proud to have my kids be big fans of his! I love that he does so much for the community of Pittsburgh, too! Bless him for reaching out and using his fame for good! And not to mention – let’s face it, he’s got great hair, too! I love it so much!! He’s just the best there is!!

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