How to Dress Up Jeans

I feel like it’s a question every single woman has aksed herself or wondered throughout the years, “How to Dress up JEANS?” I mean – we ALL own a pair of jeans (I hope and if you don’t, you need to go buy some pronto!) and we all want to wear them multiple different ways. One of my favorite fashion things to do is to dress up a pair of jeans. If you know me and follow me on social media, I would love to wear jeans (almost) every single day. They’re easy for me and I just love being able to dress them up or down. I think they are the most versatile item in my closet, hands down! I mean – how many things can you wear with super high heels AND flip flops and still look cool?

How to Dress Up Jeans

As I said above, I love jeans but I haven’t worn them in AGES because I don’t fit in any of them (yet). I’m trying, but it’s so depressing to try and squish a leg in and just can’t move them up AT ALL along your body. I know it takes time, so I’m trying not to get myself too worked up about it! Yes, I totally took advantage of the baby weight with Victoria and just haven’t gotten on the ball to lose any of it yet. That being said, I’m committed to getting the baby weight off and getting back into my JEANS. Like I said earlier, too – if you’re wondering how to dress up jeans – this is the post for you!

I want to show you quick and easy and (attainable) ways for every single women out there to take a paid of jeans and easily amp them up! Who needs fancy dresses when you have a pair of jeans? All you need is a few things in your closet that will help transform your look from nice to gorgeous! I love seeing the quick and easy transformation take place right in front of my eyes!

How to Dress up your jeans

The thing I love about jeans is that you can dress them up and you can dress them down. I love the versatility piece of jeans. These are the 5 things you need in order to get yourself dressed up and ready to rock and roll. You don’t need ALL of these to make it happen, but these items will certainly help!

  1. Heels
  2. Bold Jewelry
  3. Statement Blouse
  4. Gorgeous Bag
  5. Fabulous Belt

So to answer the question, How to Dress Up Jeans? Believe me, it’s easy to do… you just need to know how and what to pair with your jeans.

1. My first piece of advice for dressing up jeans — wear a darker wash jean. Darker wash jeans dress up a HECK of a lot easier than a lighter wash.

2. Make sure you have a pair that fits you like a GLOVE. This is VERY important. You don’t want them too long or too baggy.

Now it’s fun to talk about it, but it’s easier to showcase what you can do! I put together 6 different collages on how to dress up jeans. I wanted to try and hit different styles and trends, too. I know that with fashion there’s never a one size fits all or a one trend fits all. You really need to know what you love to wear and what you look the best in, too. For example, I hate myself in the color yellow so I steer clear! If you want to make sure you feel your best, you want to make sure you’re wearing what you love!

Here are 6 different outfit choices… I wanted to spark some jean inspiration for you!

Look #1 – Classic and fun blazer with a pair of jeans. I love this look because it’s always a safe way to go. You can dress up jeans in seconds with a blazer! It’s all it takes. With the right blazer, you can easily wear jeans to work, too!

How to Dress Up Jeans

Look #2 – I love this wrap around sweater because it’s a statement item. If you’re looking on How to Dress Up Jeans, remember that you need an anchor item. You need that 1 item thatt’s going to pop out and make someone say, OH! I love that!

How to Dress Up Jeans

Look #3 – Peplum always dresses jeans up! I’m all about the peplum trend and I think it’s a great way to add some pizzazz and some glitz to a look! I think it’s an easy way to go from OK… to HELLO! I think it’s also a very flattering style for ANYONE out there looking to hide or disguise their belly!

Easy Mom Style

Look #4 – OK, find that stunning blouse in your closet and a pair of HIGH heels and wear them! How to dress up jeans isn’t rocket science. You just take items that you would normally dress up and wear them with your jeans. This is probably the best way to dress a pair up!

Easy Mom Style Look #5 – I’m going to be honest here, I just want this entire look right now from head to toe! I love how simple and beautiful and trendy this style is for any woman. You don’t need heels to dress something up! If you’re looking for how to dress up jeans, just think what will POP! What will make something and someone stop me and ask, “Where did you get that?” This blouse is that kind of blouse (and scarf, too!).

How to Dress Up JeansLook #6 – This is usually how I go when I’m trying to dress up a pair of jeans. Standard black blazer with a tank underneath. I love to wear a fun pair of heels because I just think it’s a great way to go! I chose green here, but it can be ANY color of all! You just want to make sure you’re having fun with this look! It’s such a classic and fun way to figure out How to Dress Up Jeans!

black fitted long-sleeved woman's jacket, gold block bracelet, jeans, gray v neck sleeveless top and green pump heelsFor anyone out there looking to find a pair of jeans, my favorite go to spots are:

Old Navy and ZARA

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