Loving the Bounty NFL Prints

I’m not kidding, I literally go through about a roll of Bounty paper towels a DAY in my house. With 4 boys and a baby, we’ve got lots of messes to battle. LOTS of them. Most of the paper towels are being used in the kitchen and the bathroom… does this sound familiar? I don’t know how this happens to be, but there’s always a milk spill, jelly and peanut butter on the counter, syrup on the table… the mess list goes on and on. I gave up a long time ago trying to hope for a non-mess meal, with 4 boys… it just doesn’t happen! 🙂

Bounty is the only paper towel that works for me. They’re tough and rough and pick up everything that I need to be picked up.

What can I say, I love me some Bounty!

Which brings me to my post for today… I thought it was only appropriate to post this on the BIG GAME DAY! Bounty released an NFL Print Collection!


Oh, yes… my football loving guys (and me!) can enjoy some Bounty NFL love while we clean.

Bounty’s NEW NFL Prints allow you to clean up all your game-day messes, with a little fun from your favorite teams.

How cool is this??

Conquer every spill, mess and fumble in your home with just one sheet. Bounty is 2x more absorbent vs. the leading ordinary brand allowing you to tackle your biggest messes around the home. I love that I can rely on them for the BIG DAY in my house… which is, every single day! 🙂

NEW Bounty NFL Prints are available at Wal-Mart.

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