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It’s something I’m not getting that much of these days.

I’m naturally a night owl, but having a baby that gets up every 3-4 hours throughout the night and is up ready to go at 6:30AM… well, let’s put it this way – it’s been making me a “little” more tired than usual.

P&G invited me to their “The Science of Sleep” event in Cincinnati last Thursday and Friday. For me, it was an eye opener… not only as a woman, but as a mom, too.

I had the opportunity to listen to some incredible speakers throughout the day from P&G and The National Sleep Foundation… I felt like a student again in college, I literally took notes furiously throughout the entire event.

I thought it would be helpful to share with you some of my most important takeaways… all on how to get a better sleep and products that P&G has created to help you get there.

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How much sleep do you need for a great night?
– Sleep is a basic human need
– 7-9 hours for adults is the ideal
– This ranges as you get older
– Sleep needs really are individual
– 2013 NSF Sleep poll – people need 7:17, they get 6:51
– 42% of Americans report that they rarely get a good enough sleep

Sleep restores your body and mind
– Sleep is a very active process
– Brain activity can increase while we sleep – our brain is active while we sleep
– Quality of sleep is important for restoring your body and mind

Amazing Benefits from Sleep:
1. Sleep well at night we have lower stress during the day and improved mood – our world view changes, we feel more optimistic
2. Maintaining a healthy weight – our eating habits and our weight
3. Improves athletic performance – increases ability to produce energy and make better decisions and reduces stress hormones
4. Ability to focus and learn new information better

Health steps to getting the sleep you need
– More active we are, the better sleep
– Regular routines during the day
– Regular sleep times (time you get up and the time you go to bed)
– Wind down and avoid electronics
– Creating a relaxing bedtime routine – consistency

Create a bedroom environment:
– Keep bedroom dark, cool and comfortable
– 1/3 of our lives our spent in bed
– Recommend temp range for a sleep is 60-67 degrees
– Eliminating noise – you can use a sound machine
– Scent in our bedroom helps create a peaceful environment

Febreze created a Collection for the Bedroom
– Febreze sleep serenity
– Your sense of smell is tied to your brain
– Smell can invoke a memory

What scents were right for a sleep collection?
– Warm Milk and Honey: Mothers and childhood and relaxation – association of home
– Moonlit Lavender: Aromatherapy slows nervous system, promotes relaxation
– Quiet Jasmine: Refreshing smell

P&G Fabric Care has created the Sweet Dreams Collection
What are issues that inhibit sleep
– Stress
– Inability to turn off their mind
– Engaging in Electronics

Sweet Dreams Collection

Sweet Dreams Collection from Tide, Downy and Bounce
3-step fiber science theory –
Clean – Detox down to the fiber level. 70% of soil is invisible
(Very similar to skincare)

The smell is INCREDIBLE!

ALWAYS has created an Overnight Sanitary Napkin for Women
Sleep and Your Period
– Women report more sleep disturbances 3 days leading up to period and the 4 days after when women report more sleep disturbances
– Your sleep is affected by 4 hormones – progesterone, estrogen, follicle stimulate hormone and luteinizing hormone

What occurs in the body during menstruation:
Cramps and pain
Tender Breasts

Women could experience between 300-450 periods in their life.

What can you do throughout the month?
Warm bath/shower
Cool Environment
Avoid heavy meals
Find a comfortable position

Always is there for women during this time, especially when they have to sleep
The pillars of protection:
– Fluid Handling
– Fit
– Coverage
– Staying in Place
– Comfort

Always Overnight Protection

The genius of the Nighttime — Always Maxi Overnight
Always Ultra Thin Overnight – April 2014
Better protection thanks to the 3-Way Grip Flexi-Wings

These were all my notes from the trip, I hope they help to share some insight on sleep and how to get yourself a better night sleep, too.

I will be using the Sweet Dreams Fabric Care products and letting you know how they work!

Also… I will be using Febreze in my bedroom and when it’s time… using the Always protection overnight.

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