101 Ways to INDULGE YOURSELF (because you deserve it!)

101 Ways to INDULGE YOURSELF (because you deserve it!)

As moms, sometimes… we just need a little time for us.

As a mom of 5 – I know it’s tough to carve out even 10 minutes, but it’s important to do so for yourself and for your family.

I listed 101 things that you can do to indulge yourself (some even just for 10 minutes!)… I tried to hit all different kinds of interests and tastes. ENJOY! 🙂

Sleep Late (make sure you clear it ahead of time so everyone knows!)
Take a LONG HOT Shower
Buy Yourself a New Pair of Shoes
Stay in your Pajamas all Day
Rent all your FAVE OLD Movies
Call your Best Friend
Go for a Walk around your Neighborhood
Enjoy a Cup of Coffee in a Coffeehouse ALONE
Get a Manicure
Get a Pedicure
Get your Eyebrows Waxed
Enjoy a Spray Tan
Lose yourself in a Really Good Book
Enjoy a Gossip Magazine
Plan a Special Date Night with your Partner
Indulge in a Massage
Go to a Tarot Card Reader
Yoga Time
Find a Beach and just RELAX
Redo a Room in your House you’ve been DYING to do-over
Unplug all Technology for the Day
Go Hunting for some Fashion Deals
Bike Ride
Head out for a Swim
Bubble Bath
Walk Through the Woods
Dinner with your Best Girlfriends
Bake something Delicious
Cook a Gorgeous Meal for yourself (and family)
Organize your Closet
Take some time to Knit
Go to the Movies
Get your Hair Blown Out
Get your Hair Colored
Watch your FAVE TV Show (LIVE!)
Buy yourself a New Pair of Jeans
Makeover at your FAVE Makeup Counter
Buy new BEDDING (always the best!)
Hire a Housecleaning Service for the Day to clean top to bottom
Visit your Parents
Call your Grandmother
Plant some Flowers
Start a Vegetable Garden
Look Back at Old Photos
Reconnect with an Old Friend
Enjoy a Cardio Class
Pilates Time
Sit and Write
Respond to Emails you’ve been meaning to get back to
Devour a Fashion Magazine
Create a Vision Board for yourself
Make a Bucket List
Give yourself the time to organize your Workspace
Afternoon Tea Time
Enjoy Breakfast for Dinner
Treat yourself to a Delicious Bottle of Wine
Sushi Bar
Find a really cool Cooking Class
Learn to Ice Skate
Turn the music up and DANCE
Make yourself an Ice Cream Sundae (or treat yourself to one!)
Get your Haircut
Plan a Trip
Learn How to Coupon
Wear a new Lipstick Color
Cleanout your Handbag
Read your Horoscope
Go to a Psychic
Learn How to Play an Instrument
Buy Flowers and put them throughout your House
Head to a Trampoline Park
Try the Trapezes
Check out a Vineyard
Learn How to Sail
Sit and Play your GAMES (your tech lovers!)
Enjoy a local Theatre Production
Lose yourself in a Library for a few hours
Volunteer somewhere meaningful for you
Write a Letter
Start a Journal (it’s never too late)
Pick out Paint Colors for your House
Try a new Restaurant
Get your Teeth Cleaned and/or Whitened
Go Roller Skating
Head to a Bowling Alley with your family and/or friends
Order Dinner Out and Have it DELIVERED!
Buy yourself all new office supplies (always something I love to do!)
Enjoy a Hike
Spa Day for Yourself
Go to Church
Enjoy a Craft Workshop
Get NEW Makeup for yourself!
Enjoy a Twitter Party
Host a Girl’s Lunch for your Friends
Girl’s SLEEPOVER at a Local Hotel (or at your house)
Make yourself a yummy Smoothie
Look ahead on your calendar and keep a FULL DAY with no activities (heaven, right?)

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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    A full day of no activities! Does that include laundry, organizing, cleaning, etc?! If so…yes…that would be HEAVEN!! 😉

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