Gardening with Miracle-Gro Gro-ables #GrowSomethingGreater

Two years age my husband started a garden in our backyard and it literally changed our life.

I laugh when I tell this story because when he first asked me if he could start a garden, I thought he meant a small area in our backyard. Turns out he had greater plans… he created a 30 x 50 foot garden on the side of our house. I knew I was in garden-ville when someone asked him, “Are you planting onions?” and he responded, “Yes.. purple, yellow and white.”

To put it lightly, the has garden became my husband’s zen. He created the garden because he had had a cancerous tumor removed from his abdomen in January of 2012 and he wanted to start growing all of his own produce. It’s a sacred place for him. There’s something very special about being able to walk outside and pick your own food to eat and cook. It’s something that makes my husband feel good and prideful… and on top of that, we know what we’re putting in our bodies is good and healthy – we love teaching our children that.

This garden in our backyard… It has become one of the most special things of all and my sons (all of them) LOVE to help out in the spring and summer and do what they can to help maintain it. It’s a great bonding activity, too!

Since my husband just got back into the blogging waters, I thought he would be the BEST person to come with me to Miracle-Gro’s Gro-ables Event in NYC. It took place yesterday afternoon and I thought… this is PERFECT for us. Gardening is something so up our alley and in our wheelhouse, so it was just a cool thing for us to both be at together.

Miracle-Gro Gro-ables

Miracle-Gro introduced their Gro-ables yesterday… and let me tell you, I AM GA-GA over them! This is the type of gardening that is my style and that I could be very good at because it’s so easy and it’s so fun!

So what are Gro‑ables® Seed Pods?

Each little pod comes with everything you need to grow your own food and each ready-to-plant Seed Pod contains:
– Specially selected non-GMO seed at just the right depth
– Growing materials to protect the seed and keep it moist
– Plant food to help it grow and build strong roots

Gro-ables Seed Pods

There are 17 different varieties… Bush Bean, Butterhead Lettuce, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Globe Tomato, Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin, Loose-Leaf Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Smooth-Leaf Spinach, Snap Pea, Watermelon, Sweet Pepper, Yellow Zucchini Squash, Zucchini Squash, Cilantro, Basil and Dill.

I’m telling you, these are the coolest products from Miracle-Gro and they are an exceptional way to get your kids involved and really teach them the importance and the beauty of gardening and creating their own food. I am just so excited to get planting with my sons! My daughter even had a blast at the event!

Here is a video we put together from the event…

Such a great day!

Thank you Miracle-Gro for the invite!

We had so much fun planting away and hearing all about everything!

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  1. 3.12.14
    Christina said:

    I just picked up some of the Growables last week to try out – I picked up cucumbers and tomatoes, can’t wait to see how they work, my daughter (10) loved that she could direct sow these all by herself. I had no idea they offered them in so many varieties though. They only had 2 veggies & 2 herbs when I found them, I’d been meaning to look them up online and kept forgetting so your post was perfect timing, I’m going to have to find the others… I would love to use the Growables for lettuce. I have six raised beds this year and a few containers.. I always say its my therapy, and like you said, you can’t beat being able to go into your own backyard to pick whatever veggies (or fruits) you need.

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