Answering The Question, “Do You Want More Children?”

The other night, as my sister-in-law Nicole and I doted over baby Brian (who my family has affectionately nicknamed “B2,” as in Brian II), she asked me if I thought I wanted to have more children.

I immediately thought back to about six weeks ago, when Nicole visited me and B2 just after we had come home from the hospital. I was pretty much a mess – as a brand new mom I wasn’t sleeping or eating much, I couldn’t seem to find the time to take a shower, simple tasks like doing laundry or making dinner seemed monumental, and going to the bathroom to pee was a painful ten minute (at best) ordeal. Also, I was pretty sure I was doing everything wrong as a mom.

It was a weird place to be – I was so in love with my little man, so happy to be a mother, and yet so completely overwhelmed by it all. On top of that, my long, exhausting labor was still fresh on my mind.

And did I mention I couldn’t pee without wanting to yell every curse word I knew?

So, being that I was in such an anxious state at that time – exhausted, elated, intimidated, joyous, weepy, sore (and more!) – I had confessed to Nicole and my mom that while I loved little Brian more than life itself, and wouldn’t trade or change one. single. thing. about my life with him, I just couldn’t imagine doing it all again.

Mom said to give it time, to take motherhood day by day, minute by minute. Eventually I would find my rhythm and I just might change my tune.

But nope, I was sure that it would be one and done for me, thank you very much.

And then.

Time went by. My body began to heal from the aftereffects of childbirth. I gained more confidence as a mom.

Suddenly I began to say things like, “When we start trying for another…”

So here I am, only seven weeks into motherhood, and I know without a doubt what my answer to Nicole’s question is.


I feel so blessed to find myself in this role of motherhood. It feels so natural, so right. I love little B2 so much that it sometimes feels as though my heart is going to burst.

Yes, I want more children.

And yes, Mom was right. (She usually is).

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  1. 4.1.14
    Sharon - Mom! said:

    Awww, I love you, my Janie-girl! I just know that YOU would not be our perfect baby-girl if Dad and I hadn’t thought… hey, what’s one more – quadruple the LOVE as before! xoxox!

  2. 4.1.14
    Heather said:

    Oh, Jane! Those first few weeks are so, so hard. Then, the clouds part and the sun shines through again and it makes all the difference. I tell all of my friends who have their first babies just to wait until 6-8 weeks pass and life will feel normal again. YOU are doing a fabulous job and I am so glad you want to have more babies. It would be a shame not to because look at the little guy…he’s SO CUTE!!

  3. 4.1.14
    Karen said:

    I think it’s a feeling you get when you just know whether your family is complete or not. 5 months after our little guy and Raf and I just both feel our little family is complete with just 1. Though own my mom says to give it a full year. LOL

  4. 4.1.14
    Sheri said:

    Awe. You have a very smart mama. So happy for you Jane.

  5. 4.1.14

    I love this post. The day we got home, Dave announced he wanted more kids. I just wanted to use the bathroom without crying. I loved being mom to one, but can’t wait for M II in September!

  6. 4.3.14
    Joy said:

    Motherhood is different for everyone. I like that your mom didn’t push you into having more, or push you into only having one. You needed to come to the conclusion yourself….I am so happy you have a family that supports whichever decision you choose, I however am not that fortunate. I have always ever wanted one….since I was 12….. I have one- and have my tubes tied ( I do have a genetic disorder) and Landon is a Miracle baby…but regardless of my condition others should respect a woman’s choice….and I am happy for you!

  7. 4.3.14

    I remember feeling the same way too. Thinking how will I ever handle two? But, now as I’m pregnant with my third, I’m hoping this transition will be easier. I would have a bunch more if my body and finances would allow. My two kids truly give me more joy than anything ever has. It’s pretty amazing. And I bet you’re doing awesome, Jane!

  8. 4.4.14

    Can I promote this on my twitter feed?

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