Little Victories with my Victoria #LittleVictories

Bravado Designs is celebrating the beautiful “little victories” – the real moments – of motherhood. It’s the little victories that we accomplish each day that make each day a success. Each moment, each mom, each day… what we all experience and do… they are our own little victories.

We had our baby girl Victoria on July 9th, 2013.

As the 1st girl after 4 boys, you can only imagine the true princess that Victoria has become in our home. She is everything to us. She is joy. She is happiness. She is pink and tutus and all things frilly. She is girly and adorable and cute and funny. She is – our little victory of love.

My little victory is my Victoria.

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For years and years and years… 9 to be exact, I only knew boys. After having my 4 sons back to back to back to back, I just assumed that boys were my future. I never even thought a little girl would be something that would come to fruition. When I found out that I was having a girl, I couldn’t believe it. It was a very happy and joyful day for me.

So how has Victoria become my little victory?

It’s through everything we do together.

It’s looking at my daughter and knowing that she’s a piece of me.

It’s seeing her smile.
It’s seeing her laugh.
It’s seeing her crawl.
It’s seeing her in beautiful dresses.
It’s seeing her in special heirloom items.
It’s seeing her interact with her brothers.
It’s seeing her put her arms up to me.
It’s seeing her get her first tooth.
It’s seeing her stand on her own.

It’s seeing it all.

All of these things are little victories to me with my Victoria.

We waited a long time for her to come to our family.

Each victory with her is cherished and loved by her brothers and her father, too.

She is a true blessing.

My Victoria.

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