PLANK: How to Do a PLANK #Fitness


how to do a plank

It’s where it’s at… believe me.

I have to thank my friend Nadia from for the PLANK introduction.

I started doing regular planks at night on March 1st. My body has changed dramatically. My stomach has become so much more toned, and this is without doing any additional ab activity. My stomach was the area that I really needed to target because after 5 kids… well, let’s just say, it’s a little tired.

Planks. They became my every single night go-to.

But here’s the thing… you need to do a Plank correctly.

I’m not a trainer… but I have researched I want to show you how to do a plank the correct way.

I want to encourage you to start doing them. Start with 10 seconds and slowly work your way up each night. Don’t kill yourself, go at your own pace.

Also, please follow me and Nadia over at Live Love Shape for some fitness inspiration! 🙂

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