Karisma’s Generations Riviera Maya – 3 New Firsts for Me

OK… I’m at the airport heading home and I already can’t wait to start updating my blog about the amazing press trip I was just on in Mexico.

I spent 5 amazing (I mean, AMAZING) days at Karisma’s Generations Riviera Maya.

I also got to spend 5 amazing days with 3 of my girlfriends who also blog… which happened to be a fabulous bonus. There’s nothing like traveling, but there’s nothing like traveling with your family or with your friends. This trip… this was definitely enhanced by traveling with my girlfriends and not just alone.

It was… well, exactly what a girl needs.

Each day we got to experience and do new things while visiting the amazing resort. It was just incredible for me. I have never been to an all-inclusive resort before, so this was all NEW to me. I literally had to keep asking the staff, “so this is included?” LOL… my husband would have had a good laugh at how many times I asked that because truly… I couldn’t believe it!

While I will dive into the amazing things that Generations offers for guests, and show what the suites look like and the pools and the spa and the beach… I wanted to share in this post the 3 NEW FIRSTS for me that I experienced while being away.

These are 3 things I’ve never done… and truthfully, can’t believe I actually did!

1) Horseback Riding.
Horseback Riding
OK… this is something I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the guts to do. It was part of the excursions that you can experience while visiting Generations. I”m telling you, I was SCARED out of my mind when I first got up, but I just kept saying to myself… “New experiences… new experiences… new experiences.” We went on an hour and a half long horseback ride through the paths and it was incredible. It was just the coolest thing being on the horse and working together with him. My horse was named Star, and we really worked together throughout the whole ride. It was just awesome.

2) Morning Yoga
Morning yoga
I love to workout, it’s my thing. Nothing calms me more than a run or a walk or a swim. I love cardio and I love moving. Yoga has never been something I’ve loved or done. I’ve taken 2 classes before and I stopped half way through because I just couldn’t do anything. I remember the instructor had to keep stopping to help me get into the proper pose and I was so embarrassed. I’ve done yoga at home with DVDS, but I almost feel like it doesn’t count because it’s just me kind of teaching myself. My girlfriend Nadia is a HUGE yoga lover, so she encourage us to all come try morning yoga on Thursday. I was terrified to do a full hour class, especially with people who are good at it! I sat on my mat and was (of course) right in front. Immediately Isis (our teacher at the resort) saw that I wasn’t the “best” at it and really took her time to go slow and help me through. I stayed the full hour… and the best part, it overlooked the beach. It was peaceful. It was serene. I was everything yoga is supposed to be. I wasn’t looking at my watch for it to be over. I’m telling you, I kind of fell in love with yoga on this trip.

3) A Pool Off my Hotel Room…
Pool off hotel room
This is a total first for me. A pool off my hotel room. I mean… a pool off my hotel room. It was insanely cool. I went for a dip every morning! It was (hands down) the coolest thing ever. Not to mention, you got a gorgeous view of the beach while you swam. I just can’t get over this… I know my sons would go CRAZY over this feature. Total new first for me to see and witness!

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