What do you REALLY want for Mother’s Day?

What do you REALLY want for Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day Gifts

Come on.

Dish with me.

What do you REALLY want for Mother’s Day?

I was chatting with one of my best friend’s the other day and we both agreed that we would love a full day at the spa doing nothing but getting pampered.

I’m not kidding, I actually felt guilty having those words come out of my mouth. I know I’m supposed to say – “Spend the day with my kids.”

But… I really would just like to be sent away for the day. No work. No laptop. No phone. Nothing. Just a total day of me. Of Mom.

I felt like a spa would be the perfect place to go with some of my close “mom” friends and just relax, chill and just BE.

I would love to get a massage (hot stone).

I would love to get a manicure/pedicure.

I would love to sit in a steam room.

I would love to just totally be.

Is that a bad thing?

Is that horrible to say?

Tell me, what do you REALLY want for Mother’s Day?

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  1. 5.7.14
    Kaira said:

    A day like that would be amazing. I decided this year, to surprise my daughter on Mother’s Day, as a thank you, to show her how much I appreciate being her Mom. So I’ll be taking her out for a day of fun ~ but also rewarding for me as a Mom.

  2. 5.7.14
    Lynne said:

    I’m with you – honestly, I just would like to stay home, all by myself and putter around the house. Everyone can come back around 6:00 pm and we can order in Chinese food and then play some cards or a board game – then off to bed. I am really feeling the need for some alone time.

  3. 5.8.14
    Shannon Sendejas said:

    I like your idea! We don’t do gifts and Mother’s Day is usually just like every other day. Id love to spend the day alone doing what ever I wanted to and not having to worry about kids or dinner lol.

  4. 5.8.14

    This is my second mother’s day.For the first one, I was home all day with a 3 month old. My gift was anything I wanted for dinner and anything on Netflix to watch.
    I had pizza bigger than my baby!! 🙂
    This year, I got a garden gnome from target. I had to go with him to pick the one I wanted.

    What I would *really* love is for my housemates to be away all day and night and we can just be out family in our home.

  5. 5.9.14
    Corine said:

    You are not alone. I ask every year for a day of just Me. Alone. All day.

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